The endless journey of love
By Suryavathi k.s in Romance | Reads: 247 | Likes: 3
   A beautiful bright morning people were roaming in the street . The flowers were blossoming and I heard the sounds of birds. Life throws lots of hurdles & trial. We have to overcome those struggles. In this busy world there was a girl named Jasmine. She looks so pretty and charming g  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 02:59 PM
A Poetic Paradox
By Roshini Anwar Basha in Poetry | Reads: 243 | Likes: 3
A Poetic Paradox! Never did I care for the timing, Besides the counting and calibrating. Wishing to keep it either simple or blinging, Couldn't conclude whether I'm in a fling. Assonance and Renaissance can be blinking! Always admired an alliteration and a-rhyming. Wondered what words were baking in  Read More...
Published on Mar 30,2020 09:42 PM
Unrequited friendship
By alekhya in True Story | Reads: 235 | Likes: 3
When I saw her for the first tym she was sitting beside her mother and she was crying like hell. ( my brain: owww!! Too cringy ,too difficult to handle ) I started walking torwards my section and then her  mother stoped me and asked me abt clg details...and I was like blah blah blah...( My brai  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 04:41 PM
The haircut
By Deepa Ravi in General Literary | Reads: 235 | Likes: 3
I don’t mind this whole lockdown business. Really I don’t. What people have to crib about is beyond me. I mean, people like us – middle class, with a comfortable home, no shortage of food supplies and high speed internet. Yes. The last item on my list - internet - is the reason why  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 05:14 PM
The Guests
By Sridevi Nair in True Story | Reads: 233 | Likes: 3
He woke up early this morning. The first thing he enquired was, "Are they coming today Mom"?. I did not want to promise anything as I knew he would be livid if they didnt arrive today. "Am not very sure about it Aadi. You please get ready for school now",I replied. "Can I please miss school today? I  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 05:30 PM
By Aisha Jian in True Story | Reads: 231 | Likes: 3
''Congrats, you're a father!'' ''Thanks'' ''Let's go see the child.'' Ramesh went to the hospital room. The crying of the baby echoed through the room. Ramesh found his wife crying. He did not know what had happened. He looked at the baby. The baby looked fine except that it looked like a beast. He   Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 10:03 PM
Proud of my Father
By Mohsinah Farooq in War Story | Reads: 209 | Likes: 3
I in my early teens was curious about everything and this curiosity led me to discovery of very strange and true realities of life in Kashmir. I was randomly searching for some old books and papers . I didn't know what life is here, what is Kashmir?,why is Kashmir, nothing. But the thing I discovere  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 06:15 PM
The tiny moment.
By Anusha in Romance | Reads: 207 | Likes: 3
The night had started to set in.One could see the stars shining brightly.The clean city did have some perks.While the vehicles bustled away,she sat there thinking about the one thing she had been waiting for weeks now.He.She hadn't seen him for  weeks and here he was standing right in front of   Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 10:59 PM
Cursed Curiosity
By Utkarsh Singh in General Literary | Reads: 207 | Likes: 3
Since childhood,I've been fascinated by technology.I've been privileged enough to have parents,Who could afford quality schooling and provided me with desktops, tablets and smartphones at my wish. Hence, naturally I had an early exposure to the web. Soon,I figured out there was a vast store of knowl  Read More...
Published on Apr 19,2020 10:42 AM
Through her eyes...
By Oleen in General Literary | Reads: 204 | Likes: 3
“ Dropping a cup of tea on my future mother-in-law’s lap is hardly going to make a good first impression” said Nethra in a deadpan voice. Suwani and Ragini looked shocked for a minute before bursting into laughter at the amused expression on Nethra’s face. Bedecked in a pink   Read More...
Published on Jun 11,2020 08:14 PM
Secret of victory ✌
By Nutshell writer Mr Gun in Poetry | Reads: 202 | Likes: 3
               SECRET OF VICTORY ✌  Who do  You  Worship?  Who do You Blame?  The cold shoulder shackles of  false freedom  what have you finally become?  A beautiful fireworks One time is enough&nb  Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 05:09 PM
The Plea for Damnation
By Nicky Kabra in Mystery | Reads: 199 | Likes: 3
That eccentric girl. She’s been unabashedly leering at me every opportunity that comes by ever since the time I’ve met her. I haven’t really met her though; she’s a student in a class that I teach. She undoubtedly caught my attention, mostly because it requires one to be pret  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 01:11 PM
Hey Diary! Sorry, I am late!
By Jomy in True Story | Reads: 183 | Likes: 3
One fine dawn, the clouds and mist surrounded us. Our eyes met brushing through the crowd awaiting the audition for a musical show; I stayed still and numb for a couple of seconds or so. It was not like our first meet, it was like we have been known each other for so long. Suddenly, it blossomed int  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 04:00 PM
I then asked the Right question
By nikhila reddy in True Story | Reads: 175 | Likes: 3
There is no single day that I have wished to let you out of my life forever.  I cursed my fate every day to have you in my life. I almost forgot who I am. I want to go back to being myself without having to worry about you or what you would do to me.  I was full of joy, yes sadly, I have   Read More...
Published on May 17,2020 10:46 AM
By Vandana in Poetry | Reads: 175 | Likes: 3
 Together we relish the golden touch;  the touch of sun rays  We sit beside the placid lake  You push me into the water,  I pull you along  We skylark together.  Together we enjoy the falling pearls;  the pearls of rain  We get dripped in the essence of   Read More...
Published on May 31,2020 05:02 PM