Something which never started
By Khushi Narsingh in Romance | Reads: 125 | Likes: 4
Something which never started. It's been 3 years since we've been in touch with each other. Someone asked me today about "how was he?" And for the first time didn't have an answer. When we were in school, that crowded classroom echoed my silence. And no one knew about "Kriti's" painful life. Parth w  Read More...
Published on Apr 22,2020 09:32 PM
Little Miss Leafy leaf
By Radhu Pillai in Poetry | Reads: 123 | Likes: 4
                                         "Little Miss Leafy Leaf" I am the Miss Leafy leaf, who was trapped in the hell. All these years I struggled, to escape from there. I am the Miss Leafy  Read More...
Published on May 17,2020 08:17 PM
By Priya Dharshani in Poetry | Reads: 122 | Likes: 4
Smelled the freshly cut grass A day with perfect ably spread sunshine The golden ray falling on the drowning dew. Whisking the robust coffee, oh I ponder, "it's a perfect day for new beginning" Scooped in the chair I begin to read, every syllable making sense, every sentence, how beautifully curated  Read More...
Published on Jun 4,2020 02:08 PM
Hey Beauty
By Pranjal Upadhyay in Poetry | Reads: 115 | Likes: 4
HEY BEAUTY Hey Beauty I know you are broken Just open your eyes see beautiful sky Full of shining stars Just wake up see the sun Shining brighter than yesterday Hey Beauty I know you are strong Just follow your thoughts That helps you reach your dreams Just be you whom you love the most  Read More...
Published on May 27,2020 12:14 PM
By Sumitra Krishna in Poetry | Reads: 100 | Likes: 4
“There’s a voyage to sail sans you, ahead of me, lie the nameless routes. Maps succeed to elude. A scintilla of a mile, I can’t cross, my mind anchored to our rendezvous. Every chamber redolent with your perfume. So much you’ve become mine, the air without your trace is a que  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 10:29 AM
By Dr. Aditi Srivastava in Poetry | Reads: 674 | Likes: 3
Whenever I close my eyes, I find an answer why should I survive, And I could know the reason why I am alive.   Whenever I look at the sky,  I see why my dreams want to fly, and why the colors adore the butterfly.   Whenever I walk through the haze, I find the reason why I made such mi  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 09:51 PM
Listen - Hear Conundrum
By Sai Pallavi in True Story | Reads: 571 | Likes: 3
I return home and start whining about my office politics. You are out there in the kitchen, busy battering and end up shutting my mouth with your spoonful of love. Eventually the night concludes with us cuddling. I start cribbing about the uber rides ,GST bills and what not (Of course that includes  Read More...
Published on Apr 23,2020 12:58 AM
Peter's instinct
By Jaishankar Jayaraman in Mystery | Reads: 558 | Likes: 3
June 29th, Time - 12-57pm, National highways.  There is no one on the road, I feel so tired and drowsy but couldn't sleep. My mind says something mysterious happening around me   Feeling confused with palpitations. I have to escape from here soon they are searching to kill me. But I h  Read More...
Published on Apr 29,2020 11:27 AM
Miraya Amma's Children
By Garima Gupta in Fantasy | Reads: 512 | Likes: 3
It's a clear summer day in Devun. There is a large gathering of a cheerful crowd in the Bada Bagh. It’s the fifth wedding party in as many days. Under the canopy of trees, the bride and groom are blushing as their college friends playfully tease them. Miraya Amma sighs as she looks on. Back in  Read More...
Published on Apr 3,2020 05:49 PM
When Was The Last Time...
By Dilip Patel in True Story | Reads: 476 | Likes: 3
When was the last time that you did something for the first time? This was a punch line of a TV advertisement in India over a decade ago. The line got stuck in my grey matter. I kept asking myself, what happens when you do something for the first time in your life?   Well, looking into the rea  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 10:45 PM
By Ankita Saha in Romance | Reads: 468 | Likes: 3
And finally, she decides to agree on the date for the Date. Tanya's first-ever date. The only time Tanya is otherwise seen, out with a man is with her Dad while he comes over to the city to see her, over lunch and sometimes over dinner too. That's the only kind of table-talk with a man she knew. Tha  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:41 PM
Not a big deal
By Working class Zero in General Literary | Reads: 465 | Likes: 3
It was a  house with blue walls . As soon as I entered it gave me a vibe , a vibe that I did not appreciate much but I was okay with it because she had a great ass . Oh fuck !!. I suddenly got scared . I lost the little erection her curvatous ass had given me ,I panicked , my heart started beat  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 01:18 AM
The abode
By Udita Saroha in Supernatural | Reads: 429 | Likes: 3
Tixie, as everyone lovingly calls her is not her real name. Her name is Dhuni. As rhythmic as her name, every word she spoke reverberated with an ornate sound. A spectacle to every sight, she is every parent's dream. An ideal child. As years passed, she is now a striking beauty of twenty two. Standi  Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 01:46 AM
Insight amid confinement
By Julie in Poetry | Reads: 400 | Likes: 3
Insights amid confinement In the beginning, was a horror Never before any generation faced it War curfew was a different concept Where brave hearts come out to fight Confined were called cowardice But this confinement is poles apart The one who disobeys is traitor. Stay home, stay safe Is the ordin  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 10:38 PM
A Glimpse
By Hina Beg in General Literary | Reads: 378 | Likes: 3
Came across this - write your story here! What caught my attention is 'here' part, is the space enough, or is it that this is the moment - carpe diem!! As a psychotherapist, I am honored to be a part of many stories, each unique and amazing. It is not easy to share in general your heart out but with  Read More...
Published on Jun 5,2020 01:06 PM