From my heart to yours
By Seema Benedict in Poetry | Reads: 145 | Likes: 5
AN EMPTINESS A Maundy Thursday Far  from homeFeeling amiss and terribly wrong.The Holy Mass a solemnity,To miss it ! Never a possibility .It happened with such finality.Not fiction just a factOf Twenty TwentyOur stark reality.Never imagined such days!!The rituals of the Holy week  with fa  Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 11:49 AM
Déjà vu
By subhadra kunduri in General Literary | Reads: 144 | Likes: 5
Déjà vu  80 year old Easwari stood to attention along with her youngest daughter, Deepika and her extended family at the balcony.  At exactly 9pm for 9 minutes. That is what the PM had decreed. So that is what they all were doing.  Citizens everywhere in the country were  Read More...
Published on Apr 8,2020 06:20 PM
By Soorya N in Poetry | Reads: 134 | Likes: 5
Homecoming By Soorya Neelacantan   Bound not I am, confined not Not in words, nor in thoughts; Through me, manifest creation Boundless blissfulness Brewed poetry.   Silence bloomed around, Gone Honks and horns Heard hope sing on trees I hushed even more; New neighbours to bring Words utter  Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 01:28 PM
An exodus of tears
By Sumitra Krishna in Poetry | Reads: 107 | Likes: 5
"Gravity of my heart, burdened me with dense thoughts. Darkness clawed as soon as hopes dawned. Dead ends crawled into every alley I walked. The wild goose chase  of what was lost in the black hole of past preyed on scars. Cradle of sleep abandons, for, anxiety spikes a bed of coal rocks.   Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 10:12 AM
The Turbulent composure
By Eisha Sethi in Romance | Reads: 2,535 | Likes: 4
A pound on the door broke Sophia’s thoughts. Her head turned towards the closed wooden door. Tears were floating down her cheeks as though she had allowed them to break through the rigid boundaries and flood mercilessly. "Coming, allow me a second", she managed to push the words out of her con  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 03:28 PM
Travelling is better than arriving
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Travel | Reads: 854 | Likes: 4
 Travel to the land utmost of all Leaving behind everything and going to abode Never thought to return back in the initial place  It was termed as " travelled all over". When we never think to return back Just moving to a place and never arrived back I was forced by circumstances to  Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 01:41 AM
Put on what sparks joy
By Swagata Ghosh in General Literary | Reads: 720 | Likes: 4
Put on what sparks joy: Being an avid Instagram content creator, a tenacious striver to enhance fashion and styling, I often wonder how much rewarding are these Instagram make up and fashion tutorials. Having said that I do not intend to belittle any of these tutorials. My intention here is to put d  Read More...
Published on Mar 31,2020 05:08 PM
Welcome Home!
By Shwetha S Chetty in General Literary | Reads: 626 | Likes: 4
“Oh I don’t seem to hear anything much, over these past few days, do you?”, asked the shiny long-snouted dolphin Maria to her playmate Andrea. "No, I don’t either", said Andrea and jumped up and splashed into the sparkling water with joy. "Andrea, let’s go and see, c&rs  Read More...
Published on Mar 30,2020 01:34 PM
By Dr. Suryaprabha Shashidharan in Poetry | Reads: 592 | Likes: 4
Published on Apr 2,2020 05:45 PM
Love is quarantine
By Sangeeth in Romance | Reads: 524 | Likes: 4
In the world prior to the imposition of lockdown, people were allowed to meet, but they both never did, people were allowed to travel, but she never rode pillion on his bike, people were allowed to tour, but they never ventured into a park, couples were allowed to be each other's acquaintances, bu  Read More...
Published on Apr 23,2020 05:36 PM
Nature is Almighty
By swati in Poetry | Reads: 481 | Likes: 4
It's 2050! The birds' chirping, greenery around Music of Nature, melodious sound Family doing yoga, Kitchen's green compound. Jim at once came with a book Pictures and incidents of past it hook, An era where human pace was so rapid Approach to Nature was not really sapid. How one day Nature took r  Read More...
Published on Apr 12,2020 11:36 PM
Chinna Chinna Aasai
By Filter Koffee Chronicles in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 444 | Likes: 4
The white line was just ahead, 50 metres at most. But there were three bikes ahead, racing towards it. Eyes narrowing, hunching low over the handlebar, body tense, he revved this accelerator to its limit. With a burst of speed, overtaking the others ahead of him, he crossed the line. The wind whistl  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 03:07 PM
By RAK~ in Poetry | Reads: 427 | Likes: 4
I walk towards you, Leaving these chaotic city lights behind me, Towards your warmth, Towards a faint silhouette beneath a starless sky... These sands of doubt slow me down, It's not brightness away from the light that I seek in you, It's the comfort that I find in the darkness I yearn more, It's no  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 11:22 AM
Is it necessary...?
By Silent knight in Fantasy | Reads: 409 | Likes: 4
Lying on bed 8 years old girl , sweet innocent and simple fantasizing about 20. The special feeling of growing up, dreams are rushing in veins instead of blood. Wondering everything to be beautiful in complete bollywood style. Closet full of brands, fascinating trends, and the entire world falling o  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 01:58 PM
The swirls in love
By Geetika K. Bakshi in Romance | Reads: 409 | Likes: 4
Shobhna you can do it. Arey you can do. It’s very easy darling you can do it just push, push…., push……, puuussshhhhhhh……….., Shut up Ashish! You’ll be here in my place and push by yourself. I told you earlier not to put all the stuff of yours in   Read More...
Published on May 9,2020 01:08 AM