Today isn’t the last day of quarantine
By Gayatri Sriaadhibhatla in True Story | Reads: 625 | Likes: 3
Dear Diary Today isn’t the last day of quarantine All my life, I have been an introvert who would sit at home. There is nothing that I didn’t like about spending a lot of time in my room. I used to love it as it was pretty easy back then until  I moved out of the city where my pare  Read More...
Published on Mar 27,2020 05:34 PM
Galti se mistake !
By Nabanita Bhattacharya in True Story | Reads: 624 | Likes: 18
The restlessness in the mundane life of the newly appointed house wife changed into amazement in the wink of an eye as she stared in awe towards the balcony. From being a full time corporate employee she recently got conferred the title of a housewife..thanks to lockdown. She woke up late that day a  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 11:01 PM
By Iqbal Ahmad in General Literary | Reads: 622 | Likes: 2
बेबसी  क्या है ? क्या लज़ीज़ खाने  की ख़्वाहिश होने पर सिर्फ़ दाल रोटी का मुहय्या हो पाना बेबसी है ? या फिर एक बड़ा अफ़सर   Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 09:37 PM
The Tigress of Vettaikaranpatti!
By Filter Koffee Chronicles in Mythology | Reads: 619 | Likes: 4
The news was grim. Veeramaran, the head of the Vettaikaranpatti (meaning place of the hunter) principality was at his wit’s end. The tigress had once again ventured into the villages at night and this time killed two of his best soldiers. These soldiers were just innocently patrolling the vill  Read More...
Published on Apr 3,2020 01:22 AM
By Aaliya Shireen in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 618 | Likes: 13
                                              I didn’t know I was designed to have such a beautiful destiny. That very day, yes, that was indeed an unexpected day. As I never  Read More...
Published on May 26,2020 08:22 PM
A beautiful end
By khushi kaul in Crime | Reads: 617 | Likes: 50
A Beautiful End - Khushi Kaul   So, it has been a year since I have gone back to my village. I couldn’t breath there. I failed to give justice to Amayesha and Swastik. I have given up. I just feel like that solus Pluto, who is there in the space but can’t find it  Read More...
Published on Jun 26,2020 11:17 AM
War birds in Indian airspace
By Priyan R Naik in General Literary | Reads: 616 | Likes: 4
While watching the images of the Rafales arriving in Ambala with a deafening roar, my Sainik School, Bijapur (now Vijayapura) batch mate was enveloped by a wave of nostalgia, as he had been a part of a similar exercise in the 1980’s. About 35 years ago, Air Commodore Pradeep Katti (Retired), then   Read More...
Published on Sep 14,2020 11:40 AM
Unity in Diversity
By Ramu Upadhaya in Thriller | Reads: 616 | Likes: 0
Unity in Diversity Comparing to the physical environment of the last part of the nineteenth century until his death, Thula would say “those days were gone forever. People in higher positions were also sincere, and their integrity was unquestionable. They used to be very helpful, treat us as li  Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 12:46 PM
By Syed Musheeruddin Ahmed in Supernatural | Reads: 614 | Likes: 2
Once upon a time in a village called Glassdo there lived some families which are very far from the Abroozooka Kingdom.   Due to frequent storms in the village of Glassdo, the families who lived in the village built underpass routes with rocks and sand, they have even arranged some lights with t  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 01:06 PM
గ్రీష్మం తెచ్చిన జ్ఞాపకం
By kalki thota in General Literary | Reads: 612 | Likes: 3
గ్రీష్మం తెచ్చిన జ్ఞాపకం కరోనా ఎఫెక్ట్  వల్ల వచ్చిన హాలిడేస్..హైదరాబాద్ నుండి కాకినాడ లో ఇంటికి వచ్చేసాను..రో  Read More...
Published on Mar 26,2020 07:48 AM
Am I the King?
By Tayyibah in Poetry | Reads: 612 | Likes: 2
There were days when I was mocked in a zoo, Now I sit back—smug, and laugh at you. You laughed at me when I was in a cage, Every moment my heart burned with rage. You've finally lowered your proud head, And to yourself you have quietly said. "Am I the King of the Earth, Am I the king I though  Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 11:28 AM
One Night Thriller
By Aparna in True Story | Reads: 611 | Likes: 7
*One Night Thriller* ஈரெடில் தனியார் பள்ளி ஒன்றில் பயங்கரம். பணிமனைக்காக சென்ற ஆசிரியர் குழு ஒன்று பதறி  அடித்து நடு இரவில  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 06:17 PM
Rise and Resurrect - Inspirational Poem about COVID-19
By Sonali Mandal in Poetry | Reads: 611 | Likes: 6
The body suffocates, grace and vigour depart, Mercy I seek - Oh lord! from the bottom of my heart. The virus in my chest Would I jest? Obligation or task,  Not a smile, hug or kiss but time for myself I ask. Protection is needed, a glove and a mask, Social distancing and isolation is not a mamm  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 05:00 PM
beauty of flim maker
By mahek in Poetry | Reads: 610 | Likes: 3
 flims are story bought to life  The heart skippes the beat  A wide smile is drawn on the face A tear runs down ur cheeck A breath taking moment is expericend I want to be reason behind this reactions of the audience I want to responsible for every produced I want to be flim maker Fl  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 04:20 PM
This too Shall Pass
By Nazam Riar in Poetry | Reads: 608 | Likes: 15
This too shall pass  Tears  roll down my cheeks intermittently seeing the state of the world and the life around us that has come to a stand still is this the lesson we have to learn ? to imbibe in our lives for the times to come? Dark clouds have descended upon the world all over But I se  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 01:49 AM