Mother’s Day Month
By preeti patil in True Story | Reads: 534 | Likes: 0
Little did I know that this little thing is going to get back the magic in my life. For last three years my attempt since the time I have got married and started living on my own terms I always thought easy things don’t bring change in life but today I was proved wrong with something in the ph  Read More...
Published on May 15,2020 01:50 PM
By Eleena Sanyal Banerji in Thriller | Reads: 533 | Likes: 1
His head bobbed on the waves. It shone in the golden light of the sun setting over the horizon. He was too far away. As always. He never listened. He could swim but oceans were meant to swallow. She was a better swimmer yet she feared going that far inside. The coast guard's shrill whistle pierced h  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 10:50 PM
Doctors are soldiers of life.
By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 533 | Likes: 1
Doctors are soldiers of life You approach with the white apron The black pain that never rests, A beam of light appears in your steps This brings dream, favour and hope. With a smile a warm heart ♥️ You sit next to the beds  When Human eyes stare at you As the unexpected heavenly hero  Read More...
Published on Apr 21,2020 09:12 PM
By Ananya Malhotra in General Literary | Reads: 533 | Likes: 4
"How did you keep your calm when everybody around was panicking? ", Tanya was asked by an elderly man as they were getting down the ship that had just touched the shore. The last few hours had been really dreadful for everybody aboard ship Vikram. The journey that started from Mumbai was very calm a  Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 10:34 PM
By Abhishek Singh in Poetry | Reads: 533 | Likes: 1
माँ भगवान का दूसरा रूप है,  मैं उस भगवान का एक अंश हूँ,  माँ तुम फिक्र करती हो,  प्यार बरसाती हो । कभी सिखाती हो,    Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:56 PM
I myself ruined me once again
By zinal gohil in Poetry | Reads: 531 | Likes: 2
I repeated my mistake My conscience to me : For God sake I'm no more strong for this emotions to take Don't be fool in the traps You are again being scratched Look at you What you became Free yourself from all this dramas You can't ignore the pain of your own conscience Between this game of emotions  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 07:26 PM
By muskan in General Literary | Reads: 531 | Likes: 0
बरसात खिड़की के बाहर थी या आंखों में, इसका फर्क महसूस ना हुआ, खुशबू मिट्टी की थी या चिट्ठी की, जज़्बातों को यह भी एहसास   Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 08:56 PM
By Sanoobar in Poetry | Reads: 530 | Likes: 0
We shared the moon once... Hanging loose in the sky Watching the world go by Peeping through secret windows Seeping through half closed doors Casting shadows on old abandoned floors Bathed in rituals, superstition and celebration   To the Moon “You stay still but move A child&rsquo  Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 11:50 PM
I am free of Freedom
By Kruti Desai in Mystery | Reads: 530 | Likes: 17
It was a routine life going on so smooth, when a sudden emergence occurred to force everyone locked themselves aloof. But I was not a person remain restricted, I believe in freedom. For few days i continued to meet people and friends unknown from the nurve racking phenomenon.  One day it was bl  Read More...
Published on Apr 25,2020 07:47 PM
With love
By Rhea joseph in Western | Reads: 530 | Likes: 3
Dear Jeremy  By the time you will find this I will be long gone. And I want you to know that I am sorry for putting you through all this pain, none of which any of my justification could compensate. Don’t feel sad son and know that I am well aware of what I am doing and made this decision  Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 12:49 AM
The Blue Tick
By Filter Koffee Chronicles in General Literary | Reads: 530 | Likes: 5
The Blue Tick He looked for her in the room, checking for her presence. She was no where to be seen at all.  ‘Chaya, Chaya’, He yelled her name out, to see if she was anywhere in the house at all. His loud voice was met with silence. Was she not at home, he wanted to be certain thi  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 01:31 PM
Trust Mistake
By Anhad in Thriller | Reads: 529 | Likes: 1
These days online dating sites are getting too much fame for lonely bachelors and teenagers but even after getting too many cases of crime and fraud people still continue to believe on those sites with an expectation that when a new person will come into their life he or she will bring happiness but  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 08:52 PM
The Princess and her Roses
By Ashika in Fantasy | Reads: 529 | Likes: 4
The late October winds have gone furious. The lamps that were lit, died as the wind blew through the corridor. The beautiful silk curtains were struggling to set themselves free from the iron rod. Two of the guards came hurriedly to close the balcony doors but the maids barred entry as the princess  Read More...
Published on Apr 11,2020 02:07 AM
By Meghna Saraf in General Literary | Reads: 529 | Likes: 2
Everything happens for a reason. No,am not saying what you are facing is good or should have happened but also it can't be denied that it was meant to happen and that you were supposed to be a part of it. As the time passes by you will realize how everything that is breaking you now, is actually m  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 08:15 PM
The stalwart I almost met...
By Viktor in Poetry | Reads: 529 | Likes: 15
Fatigue from shedding tears induced sleep at 2 AM hadn't stopped her from waking up at dawnsharply,She sat beside him promptly, a stoic statue of grace…The people came and went, all to pay their last respects to a stalwart, whom I met only throughthe eyes of his adoring granddaughter, who rel  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 04:45 PM