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Create the Life You Want

Books by Dr. Seema Sharma

In "Create the Life You Want," you'll discover powerful secrets to living a fulfilling and joyful life. Each chapter explores different aspects of harnessing the universe's energy to shape your reality. From understanding the language of the universe to the power of your thoughts and feelings, this book guides you through techniques like gratitude, visualization, meditation, and the healing prayer of Ho'oponopono.

You'll learn, embrace challenges as si

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Books by Dr. C.D. Verma

A parable is a short story that illustrates a moral attitude, or a religious principle.  Stories, by and large, fall into three categories: Temporal, spiritual and psychological.  Secular stories, or tales, embody secular (temporal) literature, while the spiritual literature encompasses socio-religious and didactic tales. And then there are psychological stories. The Hindi equivalent of literature is sahitya. Sahitya is of two types: Swanta sukhaiy,

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RECALLING EPIC TALES from Ramayana and Mahabharata

Books by Dr. C. D. Verma

The knowledge, the wisdom, the manners and morals, depicted in the epic tales, are our valued inheritance.  Happily, this brilliant and mellifluous legacy, embedded in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, has been reinvented and retold in the present collection of epic tales.  An attempt has been made in this book to retrieve the hoary past, qua the ancient tales, unknown or less known, with a view to making them known to the common citizens. The tales

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Story Time: The Puranic Wisdom

Books by Dr. C. D. Verma

Do you know that there was a “three-legged” seer, named rishi Bhringi? Perhaps you do not know. To make you “know” the “unknown,” or “lesser known,” is the sine qua non, nay the aim, of the book entitled "Story Time: The Puranic Wisdom." For the stories, myths, legends, tales, included in this volume, have been dug out from the holy scriptures and renowned classics. One of the characteristic beauties of the puran

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A Hand book of Psychology

Books by Harshita Sharma

While studying for my class 12th board exam this year, I asked myself how can I express my understanding of the concepts I studied. The answer was, to make notes in such a way, that I could have a quick look on them any time and recall all that I had learned. So, to make comprehensible, precise and retentive revision notes was a big challenge for me. Here comes the catch! When I got succeeded in making exactly what I wanted, I thought why not share them with o

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Renowned Sages of Ancient India

Books by Dr. C. D. Verma | Dr. Manjula Batra | Dr. Seema Sharma

     The common populace in the Vedic and post-Vedic era, lived in SPIRITUAL INDIA. They relished the company and the companionship of the seers, and felt blessed. The sages had their hermitages, close to the populated areas, a little distance away in the deep woods, or on the mountains, near the rivers, or rivulets, or lakes. The worldly needs of the common people were too few, just meagre in the form of food, shelter and clothing. They lived a

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Know The Seers of India

Books by Dr. C. D. Verma

KNOW THE SEERS OF INDIA provides a deep insight into the life and relevance of some of the most significant Rishis, who founded the Hindu community. There is no gainsaying the fact that the Hindus are Rishi Santan (progeny of sages). The seers, qua the sages, of ancient India are our ancestors, our forefathers. The lineage of each Hindu family goes back to one or the other Rishi. This fact stands substantiated by sub-castes and surnames, such as Bharadwaja, Ka

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The misfit

By Seema in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,246 | Likes: 8

Today principal sir introduced a new teacher to the students and the staff in the morning assembly. Mrs. Komal Parashar was her name. She was totally opposite to her name, very ugly with small pits on her dark face, shapeless body and a rough voice. The whole assembly felt a great repulsion from her  Read More...

Published on Oct 27,2022 06:54 PM

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