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A New Friendship
By Muskan in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,312 | Likes: 10
यह कहानी है एक नयी दोस्ती की। एक ऐसी दोस्ती जो देखने को तो हर जगह मिलती है, पर सुनने को शायद बहुत कम।यह कहानी है स्नेह  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 09:59 PM
जीवन का वास्तविक दर्द
By ATUL KUMAR in Women's Fiction | Reads: 6,050 | Likes: 792
दर्द क्या होता है? दर्द का कारण क्या है? सबके अपने अपने विचार हैं सबका अपना अपना तजुर्बा । कोई किसी से बिछड़कर गम में   Read More...
Published on Oct 12,2022 01:52 PM
A child's cry
By sai nadh in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,049 | Likes: 0
   In one of the corners of India where people live close to the international border of China and Burma which is covered with lavish and lush greenery mountains on one part and with an abundance of Vegetation on the other part, there lived a tribe of Poumai, who cultivates pineapple   Read More...
Published on Oct 14,2022 02:36 AM
टूटते सपने
By Rohtash Verma in Women's Fiction | Reads: 5,726 | Likes: 51
                       टूटते सपने  कहते हैं साथ हो या रिश्ता... जो भी बनता है वो जन्मोंजन्म तक बना रहता है, म  Read More...
Published on Oct 1,2022 01:09 PM
Letter to my scars
By suvangiroy11 in Women's Fiction | Reads: 1,854 | Likes: 2
Letter to my scars "Stop tickling me Sushant" Paroma couldn't stop giggling as she carefully stroked Sushant's face."I won't let you go........ever " said Sushant while he gazed into her deep brown eyes. "It's moment like these that makes me want to live more and more when I know I can't " Sushant s  Read More...
Published on Oct 4,2022 01:01 PM
By mukeshmithun343 in Women's Fiction | Reads: 4,426 | Likes: 32
'Death changes us more than what life does', I said to myself while retrospecting on the most horrible day in my life, the day when I had to see the woman whom I loved the most sleeping on an ice box to never be woken up again, she rested underneath the beautiful flowers which covered everything exc  Read More...
Published on Oct 21,2022 09:32 PM
The Story of the Dead
By Anindita Gangopadhyay in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,705 | Likes: 0
Hi! I am Riya Sen and I’m dead. Don't pity me though, since life as a ghost is much better than surviving in the unjust, intolerable and patriarchal world of mortals.When you live among the dead, you can escape the judgements of others. Did you know that we ghosts live in hierarchal and divide  Read More...
Published on Oct 6,2022 09:11 PM
In Search of Light
By Sindu in Women's Fiction | Reads: 3,108 | Likes: 3
Smitha belongs to a middle class family who lives with her mama and papa ..she resembles herself as an princess ,she has a younger brother too.. they are happy and peacefully living with what they have..   Even during ups and downs Smitha understood the situation and reacts accordingly. Be  Read More...
Published on Oct 6,2022 10:11 PM
Keep quiet ! They said
By Ishika Sharma in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,052 | Likes: 3
Lily  was a little girl, living in a village with her family . In her village , girls were symbolised as a curse . They gave much priority to males because they thought males are the reason of moving forward their generations. Lily had a elder sister and she used to say that , when Lily was bor  Read More...
Published on Oct 9,2022 02:58 PM
नारी शक्ति
By Dr.Meenu Poonia in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,954 | Likes: 1
ये कहानी है पालनपुर जगह की जो पहाडी के तट पर स्थित छोटा सा गांव है। यहां बस 15-20 परिवार ही निवास करते हैं। गांव में ही ए  Read More...
Published on Oct 7,2022 08:24 PM
A never ending love story
By anithamishra09 in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,247 | Likes: 2
 Lily was a college student she was someone that nobody could understand the people around her never cared about her but lily was a girl who didn't care who liked or who hated on her she was a strong person who could fight for herself,people around her couldn't dare to mess with her, lily was a  Read More...
Published on Oct 9,2022 03:25 PM
Arrow of Friendship
By Ruchita Nair in Women's Fiction | Reads: 22,452 | Likes: 262
Arrow of Friendship I marched down the corridor my heart thumping against my chest as I remorselessly abused my bottom lips by continuously chewing on them. Was I mad? Definitely! This was the worst birthday of my life! One would say turning 15 would be fun, well news flash, it isn’t! Or maybe  Read More...
Published on Oct 9,2022 02:59 PM
This is My Story
By Monika Srivastava in Women's Fiction | Reads: 5,831 | Likes: 53
After a tiresome day I was relaxing with a cup of coffee and Jagjit ji's song. Suddenly my sister came in, saying, "Mona please tell me this question of Integration. I have been trying since half an hour but I am not getting it." I noticed she had a Maths NCERT book with the name slip that read my n  Read More...
Published on Oct 9,2022 07:32 PM
Drusilla's Baby Girl
By Stevewealth Firenew in Women's Fiction | Reads: 1,787 | Likes: 1
1 Drusilla Asked "When will the young maidens, virgins and damsels in Philopolis learn how to show an iota of kindness to any strangers at all?" asked Drusilla in front of the aged men and young folks altogether, without needing any answers. The old women often said, "Perhaps, when they would h  Read More...
Published on Oct 10,2022 01:30 PM
Dear, Ex-Bestfriend
By Akuma in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,764 | Likes: 2
Published on Oct 10,2022 05:41 PM
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