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Yashodhara P

Author of 18 books. Handwriting and drawing analyst. Qualification M.A M.Ed, M.Phil Ph.d. 30 years teaching experience.
Author of 18 books. Handwriting and drawing analyst. Qualification M.A M.Ed, M.Phil Ph.d. 30 years teaching experience.

Yashodhara Purkayastha is an author, whose 19 books have been published so far. Being in the education stream for 30 years, she has taught from primary section to B.Ed level and she was also the principal of B.Ed college. She has been involved in dealing with domestic violence and counseling through handwriting analysis in MAVA(Men Against Violence and Abuse, A Voluntary social organization) for 25 years. During counseling she found some plot of her story and decorated it with her own words. Many of her books are bestselling at book fairs and in bookstores. She has completed his Ph.D. Her qualRead More...



Books by Yashodhara P

VIBHAVARI depicts the Dark unknown life where every moment is new.  This night is enlightened by Hope with the lighting stars, planets, and moon.  The problem of life opens a different page and stage is set to reopen again.  Finally, we revert to the Original of Purity, Peace, and Bliss.  Love Begins again.

Spiritual meaning of Love (Eternal) is depicted through the character of the lead role.

Transformation is life.

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Mixed Lives

Books by Yashodhara P

The book “Mixed Lives” has six short stories. Most of the stories are based on true incidents. All the names and characters are created for better smoothness and steady reading. 

The first and last story are the true success stories where we can see, after a prolonged struggle and conflict, success comes in life slowly, not at once. Never run for a mirage of chances. When you climb on a ladder, you touch the side of the ladder and put

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Laura's Love

Books by Yashodhara P

Laura’s Love Radha is a love story which is based on a true story. The names of the characters are fictitious. I met the lady while returning from the USA. Love is a mental relationship which has a rhythm (Saat Sur—Seven musical notes). It is mental relationships in which the entire universe rests. Our universe is a cobweb, and we are like a spider imprisoned inside it. 

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8th July

By Yashodhara P in Crime Thriller | Reads: 2,748 | Likes: 22

8th July  Yashodhara P   A lady from Amsterdam sat near me when we were returning from USA. We got very specious seats in front. I was very happy to see our seat. The lady got her seat in between me and my husband. I told her to take the window seat and she happily accepted it. I have a ha  Read More...

Published on Jun 18,2022 06:07 PM

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