He is post graduate in English and Sociology. He came up in life a hard way. He has published articles in a few newspapers and has served in most parts of the country as a professional youth worker with the Government. All his life he has been fighting a bitter battle with his odds and the world to remain on the right side of ethics and honest ways of living. All his brothers are engineers and his only kid is an old IIM product. He presently works with a private university as Director Programme. He lives in a flat near Delhi.


It is a tale in the song of an airman who leaves his camp and reaches the peak…. The Shillong Peak. Where Love feels him with a beloved footfall and touches the deep spaces of his soul. It is a book of cultures that grow in steps on the sylvan vistas of heavenly Shillong. It is love. Simple and drawn on the lingering frontiers of the beyond in the naïveté of the mid-70s. Nina...the most beautiful girl in the campus, and the topper…. And Rohan. He is an airman in the night, and a student by the day. They meet on the struggling ways of life. And walk together in a village church. Comes in Trisha, a goddess of charm, beauty and grace- -an angel but at the mercy of a fores...

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