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Dr. R. Viswakumar, M.D.

Professor in medical institute, orator,author
Professor in medical institute, orator,author


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Books by Dr. R. Viswakumar, M.D.

Wishing to be healthy and happy are natural qualities of body and mind we are bestowed with. They are not purchasable commodities 

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. Our focus is so narrow that we are concerned only with physical health and indifferent to other domains of health as prescribed and described by the WHO. It is the mind that sets us on the path of mental, social and

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Books by Dr R Viswa Kumar M D

Quotes are quoted as the translation of one’s own experiences in life. For eons, the message is passed on from one generation to another by way of sharing their experience in writing. It is simple literary work and not about literary skills either. Many a time we have to read between lines.
Unless one dives deep into his heart with deep introspection it is not possible to reflect the experiences in writings like picking pearls from the deep sea, henc

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Books by Dr. R. Viswa Kumar MD

This book is written in an attempt to understand and bridge the gap between known and unknown in my own perspective. 

It is an amalgamation of spiritual, philosophical, psychological, physical and a bit of metaphysical ingredients.  

No branch of science is water tight compartment, one is extension of other and even spiritual sciences and philosophy is continuum of physical sciences.


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