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“A Thorny Ride” is a friction, it is a story of a grown up girl who comes to India, with her parents from Thailand. Her father is relocated to Mumbai who got a job as a fashion designer in Mumbai. It is difficult for the family to migrate since they are well set in Thailand. In Mumbai, children are admitted in one of the pinnacle schools. The girl, Rachel who is nearly seventeen years old is happy to go person and finds her new school amazing. Here she gets acquainted with a student who is a son of a rich and a famous personality. This is the story which narrates about their growing friendship turning in to a blooming love for nearly two years. In one of the parties which were arranged by her boy friend Rachel was sexually assaulted by two unknown persons. She was attacked and brutalized. She was left unconscious in the cold to suffer. She was bleeding profusely. She was in a terrible shock and had to face a trauma of her lifetime. This is the story which narrates her trauma and her sufferings. She lost her love and suffered mentally. Even at police station it was not easy to prove an attack. During her ordeal, she was helped by her good friend. He helped her to bring those assailants to the books and punish them. This is a story, where her revenge turns in to a passion and makes those morons to pay for their ghastly crime. This is the story of her atrocities and revenge. At last she finds her true love, which is not rich and young, but for her he is the bravest man she has ever met. This novel narrates how one good friend can turn a tide. This is the story of finding her true love and reaching to great heights. This is the story of what good friends can do to help a friend in distress….. It is a story full of a life, a love, a hate and a revenge………and hard journey through a thorns of life and achievements….it is nothing but “A THORNY RIDE”………and a success. The language used is simple. The plot goes smoothly and shows how yo...

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