Indie Author Championship #6

The World Of Hidden Thoughts

We are just working towards creating a society full of honest people.
We are just working towards creating a society full of honest people.

The World of Hidden Thoughts is a company that is connected with various talented writers and artists across the globe from different countries. We consider our writers as our friends. We are into publishing, Open-mic events, competitions, page features much more. Initially, we commenced our work with our Instagram handle. We started promoting our platform through various other social media sources so that we can reach out to maximum people. With the passing time, we extended our family to various cities, and also we got into publishing. We believe in the best relationship because we find happRead More...

The Mising Leters

Books by Mohammed Ubaid

Mohan, Shobha, and I are fast friends. Perhaps that is why were have been branded as ‘Fevicol friends.’ To be honest though, the last four years during our graduation, they were like family to me. I am Vineet Sabrawal, hailing from a middle-class business family in Udupi. On the other hand my friend Shobha is a carefree girl from a well to do family who has nothing to worry about in life. Mohan is the more sincere and upright among the three o

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The Hidden Palette

Books by Abhilasha Gupta & Anweshika Gupta

Art is an expression that helps us to portray emotions that our reflexes fail to. Art is a voice from within that helps to communicate beyond the limitations of words.

Thus, The World Of Hidden Thoughts bring before you a compilation of various hidden arts, from amazing artists all over the world, in our first art anthology, "The Hidden Palette".

The Hidden Palette is a beautiful book which will take you on a journey of emotions of numerous art

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The Lines I Wrote Volume 3

Books by Ayana Sabharwal

How do people cope with their lives, especially the difficult times when you are knocked off your feet and broken beyond repair? I write my innermost feelings to get them out of my system. Witnessing so many things happening around you, especially when locked up inside homes due to this dreaded covid’19 virus; you consume content, disconnected from the physical world. It is challenging; sometimes, it becomes difficult to cope with mental pressures and fi

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End Of Sins

Books by Josephi Joshni

The world is flourishing with ours sins.

It has a lot of impacts. Still many have not changed. That is why the world remains strange. Natural calamities, a variety of diseases, day by day just everything increases just like our sins are. So in this anthology let's write about the result of our sins. Through a poem or short story version. Let's hope for the world of kindness and love instead of deadly sins.

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A Caboodle Of Thoughts

Books by Aditi Yadav

"Thoughts", though just a single word but consists of a billion emotions and feelings, dilemmas and scenarios and most importantly curiosities and anxiety.
And this is where everyone can turn out to be the best writer of their own stories. Quite sarcastic but it's true. 
We often ignore the fact that words do have the biggest power to nail and fail the situation but they do have the power. 

And want to know how?
Just flip the page

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भारतीय राजस्थानी लघु चित्रकला गौरव

Books by मुना आसिम

समय-समय पर पाठकों की रूचि के अनुसार अनेक विद्वान लेखकों ने भारतीय राजस्थानी चित्रकला के इतिहास पर पुस्तके लिखी। राजस्थानी चित्रकला के कालखण्ड के इतिहास का गहन तथा वस्तुनिष्ठ

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Drops Of Elixir

Books by Naina Singh Chauhan

This is a collection of short stories intended for children. Some are funny, some are silly, some are scary, and some intended to educate, and some are warm and emotional.

Whether you are reading them for yourself or to someone, I hope these stories will make you smile and motivate you to see life from a different perspective.

The path to success always has obstacles. Do not stop. Keep going to accomplish your dreams.

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The Story Of Until Tomorrow

Books by Ankita Kamalkishore Khandelwal

This book is about emotions, love and feeling which I have for my twin sister Nikita, recently due to her sudden demise, we all were shocked and traumatized. This book is dedicated to my sister who is in God's land, I wish to transfer my love, feelings and pain through this book, where I have written about our journey from the past, which is the only memory to cherish, and about the pain which we all are going through after her. There are short notes, and lett

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One Shot

Books by Komal Kumari

Are you dealing with mental trauma? Well, in this case the book One Shot- Unfold the Untold will surely be a support system for you.

The book contains several methods to be followed which can lead to a happy, calm and peaceful life.

One Shot – Unfold the Untold

A book with a collection of articles and short poems about mental well-being. Each article will let you think deeply about the peace and harmony in life.

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નોવેલ ઇન શોર્ટ

Books by નિર્ઝરી ઠક્કર

જો તમારી પાસે લાંબી નોવેલ વાંચવાનો ટાઇમ નથી તો તમે આ નોવેલ વાંચી શકો છો જેમાં તમને લાંબી નોવેલ ખૂબ જ ટૂંક માં સમજાવી છે આમ તમે તમારો ટાઈમ અને પૈસા પણ બચાવી શકો છો

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Fire In The Soul

Books by Mala Pasha

I love to travel the world alone, meet and interact with strangers who become friends, share experiences and confessions…and draw inspiration from their stories; I do tend to get a bit melancholic when I’m in some unknown part of the world, alone on a bus or train or plane, and that’s how many of these poems got written. They were written over a few decades, randomly, in no particular order, just representing the ever evolving nature of love

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100+ Splendid Voices Volume 3

Books by Parijat Dutta & T. Tarini

100+ Splendid Voices is a book that gives a strong voice to the even stronger females of this world. This book contains writings of 125 female writers from across the globe which talk about issues of this society and problems that women face these days. This book is a collection of Thoughts of wonderful and amazing writers from different parts of the nation. Come and witness with us the celebration of womanhood.

This book has created a Vajra Wor

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100+ Splendid Voices Volume 2

Books by Anweshika Gupta & Greeshma Mohan

100+ Splendid Voices is the signature book of The World Of Hidden Thoughts that gives a strong voice to the even stronger females of this world. This book contains writings of 127 female writers from across the globe which talk about issues of this society and problems that women face these days. This book is a collection of thoughts of wonderful and amazing writers from different parts who wish to change this world through their writings.

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On Walk Of Miles

Books by Ritvika Sharma

This book is the journey of miles wherein readers travel through the bumpy roads of their dark emotions, challenges and obstacles; to explore the milieu of hope and light.

"Death unfurls the Renaissance of human survival".

Will this portal of self-realisation expose you to your real self?

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Ocean Of Words

Books by Jael Kemuma Migiro & Stanley Kipkorir Chemweno

Here is a collection of Poems penned down by great writers from all over the world. The following poets have brought life to poetry. As the compilers, we strongly believe that our words will touch every soul on earth through this book. This book will enhance everyone's writing skills and it will be available on the Amazon wall and libraries across the globe. 

This book has been compiled by Author Jael Kemuma Migiro from Kisii, Kenya and Stanley fr

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I Get It Too !

Books by Nikita Chawla

How often do you think about the people you met from all walks of life?

People whose experiences unleashed to you a deeper understanding of the world and while you were busy growing up into an adult; those teachings started to fade away and eventually lost their meaning. 
Wouldn’t you like to see that person again and ask the bigger questions of life?  

This book is a collection of 11 heart-woven letters, which illumi

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कुछ नज़्म प्यार के

Books by लीना अफशा इशरत

यह पुस्तक २७ (27) कविताओं का संग्रह है, जो मूल रूप से स्वयं लेखक, लीना अफशा द्वारा लिखी गई है। भावनाएँ हमारे जीवन में एक प्रमुख भूमिका निभाती हैं। जैसा कि हम स्थिति के अनुसार अलग तरह

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Books by शम्भुका फाउंडेशन

आदर्शिनी, उन महिलाओं की जीवनी का उल्लेखन है जिन्हें शम्भुका फाउंडेशन द्वारा संयोजिय कार्यक्रम 'वुमनिया' के तहत सॉवरेन तथा कॉमरेड की उपाधि से सम्मानित किया गया है। यह पुस्तक 'वु

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Asatoma Sadgamaya

Books by Aheli

"Asatoma Sadgamaya", the realm of liberation percolates inside us Krishna consciousness or self-realisation.  An anthology of tales that will not only picturise the ancient ambroisic lines of Upanishads or the Matrix but will also captivate you to relate to lives.

'Asatoma Sadgamaya' is nothing but a beloved, minutest attempt in ammalgamating emotions, spirituality, desire, liberation, passion and rendering transcendental elements in feelings.

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The Morphean

Books by The World Of Hidden Thoughts

The Morphean is an international book in which we have writers from across the Globe and is covering more than 15 countries. This book is all about celebrating diversity regardless of the differences. The prime agenda of the anthology is to bring out the beauty and richness of cross cultures from different parts of the world with these beautiful literary compositions by our writers across the globe. The readers will feel a sense of divinity in oneness and dive

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The Lines I Wrote Volume 2

Books by Ayana Sabharwal

This book is in continuation to the first volume released in Feb' 21 to pen down my poetic thoughts on various aspects of day to day life and the events around us. Feelings are central to all that I have written in this book.  You will enjoy varied feelings written in words, from joy to horror, sadness to ecstasy.  From going to a wedding in bathroom slippers to adventures in a jungle. These are experiences of a child over the years and are true refl

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The Demon Of Fate

Books by Greeshma Mohan & Kartik Gupta

The Demon of Fate is a compilation of short stories based on horrifying nightmares that we usually witness in our dreams. These tales are a substantial form of paranormal elements that features witches, vampires, ghosts, or our biggest desires which are likely to address realistic psychological fear or our dream which we want to fulfill. Our readers will find the best collection of horror stories which will take them to a world of imagination where victory lie

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Chai Jo Dil Se Dil Milaaye

Books by Megha P Yadav & Amit Arundhati Kumar

"Chai Jo Dil Se Dil Milaaye" is an anthology compiled by Megha P. Yadav and Amit Arundhati Kumar. Chai is generally considered as a beverage and not just a drink. It's an amalgamation of culture, emotion, and satisfaction. It's a feeling like no other. No matter which time or place, a cup of tea is always ready to fit in. It's always ready to embrace you with love and warmth. 

     So, come and dive into this sweet warmth of homelin

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अल्फाज़ अनसुने

Books by प्रतीक अरोरा एवं अंतरा चौधरी

अल्फाज़ अनसुने ये एक ऐसी किताब है , जो आपको दिल से जुड़े हर जज़्बातों का मेहसूस  कराएगी और दिल में कभी प्यार की लहर कभी खुशियों का पता देगी कभी अपनों की याद दिलाएँगी । ये एक ऐसी कित

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Rainbow: Colours of Life

Books by Pragya Johri

Rainbow…..Colours of Life is a story book for children which has a collection of 11 short stories. Each story brings out a different colour of life with a learning. The Book is about India, its people and day to day life. The characters and the plots are easy to comprehend. The children will get to know about India and its great heritage and values passed down by our ancestors. 

The short stories will help children build character. The main

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Letters To Our Freedom Fighters

Books by Greeshma Mohan & Harshita Katoch

73 Years Ago, 

At the stroke of the midnight hour, while the world slept, India awoke to life and freedom. But this Freedom came with a cost, a cost our freedom fighters paid without a hint of frown.

On the 74th Independence Day of India, TWOHT proudly Presents to you this book, 

“Letters To Our Freedom Fighters”.

The book is a tribute to all our freedom fighters who fought for our independence. They are th

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Fragile Hearts

Books by Khachitri T N

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Thinking Beyond वास्तविकता!

Books by Bhairavi P. R Khanvilkar

Journey: Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing good. So, there's this soul alone, old school Wanted to pour everything out of the heart the universe just smiled and said I am your bestfriend.

That's the time soul started pouring everything out while understanding the universe and while going

Through a beautiful devasting path.

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Books by Kartik Gupta & Sanjali Agrawal

"Suppressed' is not just an anthology. It is a compilation of thoughts, feelings, and emotions which remained unexpressed. It is a witness to some harsh truth that this world never preferred to hear. It is a key to all those suppressed hearts which got locked by time, situation, personalities, society, or one's fate. Fortunately, some people succeeded in opening these lock but some couldn't. This book unlocks some suppressed tales where few tales talk about ho

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The Precious Core

Books by Jael Kemuma Migiro

The Precious Core is a collection of poems from different writers across the globe. 

The book appreciates all kinds of nature be it the trees, oceans, and seas etc.

The book carries 42 writers with their pictures, biographies, and poems in it and it's one of the best anthologies in the shelves.

This book is an inspiration to everyone across the globe no matter the age group.

It will be available on Amazon and all over the w

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You Deserved To Be Loved

Books by Abhishek Pandey & Pratima Chaubey

The book “YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED” is dedicated to all the readers with love. 

This book is a collection of poems and open letters, quotes, short stories. Here, they try to give an opportunity to the talented aspiring writers to express their feelings about love with some of the most beautiful pieces they have ever written. We base this book on the idea that every writer writes or confesses their feelings as poetry or ope

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Voices Of Silent Souls

Books by Vaishali Goel

Selected some beautiful and creative creations from several entries was really a difficult task. All write-up contains some different expression and idea. 

This book is meant to draw attention for today's readers to a world that is silent and unknown. We can choose to live better with the better way to being expressed thoroughly and without the fear of being judged.

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Love Is In The Air!

Books by Kartik Gupta

A blissful, love-like vibe can be sensed from the people around you or the surroundings. On Valentine's Day, love is in the air and you see happy couples all around. “No matter what happens in the future, no matter where our paths take us, this moment will be ours.”
Felt romantic? Remembered someone?
If yes, then what are you waiting for?
Let "THEM" know how special they are to you!
Let "THEM" feel more loved this VALENTINE!❤

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प्रितीत तूझ्या...

Books by पूर्वा पराग कदम

प्रेम एका उमलत्या गुलाबाच्या कळी सारखं असतं. ते उमलताना पाहायला खूप सुंदर वाटतं पण ते जेव्हा हातात पकडतो तेव्हा जाणवत त्याला काटेही आहेत, तसचं प्रेम करणं खूप सोप्पं वाटतं पण त्

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Sapiens Become Serpents

Books by Megha P Yadav & Rafiya Parveen

Sapiens become Serpents is a book compiled by Megha P. Yadav and Rafiya Parveen. This book has put light on the atrocities of mankind. Humans are considered to be higher than animals because they have mind and conscience. However, today crime and violence has taken birth in every corner of this world. If this is what mindful and conscious beings do, then, where is the world heading to? 

With this book, we aim to create an awakening among humans wi

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If Smile Could Speak!

Books by Parveena Akhter

This eloquent book is dedicated to the victims of life fatalities which is felt by our writers being in depths of darkness, where a shade imprecates over sunshine! 

This book, "If Smile Could Speak!" is a compilation of young and talented co-authors from different fields of life to ink those tears that people hide behind a pretentious smile and to spotlight the dark sides of life. It will surely make you merge into the deep layers of turmoil that

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The Blissful Blessings

Books by Fairytale Writes

This book is dedicated, to the most amazing person of my life, he is Danish F Dar. He is the brother of the author, the angel of her life.

Though he is not her brother, he never made her feel like she is another. He always took care of her and treated her as his sister.

It's not just this, but he is the one because of whom she became so strong. His entry in her life evolved her, and her priorities made her, live more. He is the one who explaine

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The Lines I Wrote

Books by Ayana Sabharwal

This book is an attempt to pen down my thoughts on various aspects of day to day life and the events around us. Feelings are central to all that I have written in this book.  You will enjoy varied feelings written in words, from joy to horror, sadness to ecstasy.  Experience being a child in a restaurant to watching the beautiful sunset. Some of the feelings captured in words will enable you to traverse into a journey of a different kind with each po

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Books by Meenal Singh

This book is dedicated to all the mothers who play a most important role in our life.In this whole world only a mother loves her child unconditionally.

"MAA-The statue of unconditional love is a compilation of young and talented writers who share a special bonding with their mother with beautiful memories.

An open letters filled with love, emotions from every co-author who is dedicated this book to their mothers.

Every writer penned bea

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Scars To Your Beautiful

Books by Pragati Singh

If you get a chance to speak what your soul feels and not what your mind dictates 

What will be the words you’ll use to express your entangled soul and heart? 

This book is for you, who wants to squeeze out their feelings but are wandering lost in the maze of the mind. 

The Confession of an entangled soul; who understands the unsaid, unexplained aspect of an individual and empowers the heart to let it out in open. B

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Behind The Demarcated Doors

Books by Anasua Basu & Ganga N G

The book “Behind the Demarcated Doors” is a compilation of literary works by many budding writers. 

Being struck by the Pandemic this year and having gone through months-long lockdown, we know how hard it is to sit inside our homes, not being able to go out, meet people and have a normal way of life. 

People are facing different kinds of issues, physically and mentally staying at home and also the situations they are g

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The Quarantine Files

Books by M Anzar

The Quarantine Files: 10 short stories of the Covid 19 lockdown, is a work of fiction by the author M Anzar. It tells 10 fantastic and unknown episodes of the Coronavirus shutdown. These stories cover vivid genres. They provide a soul-stirring experience and a blend of emotions to the reader.     

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Books by श्रुति उपाध्याय

ज़िन्दगी-एक काला खट्टा गोला, इस संकलन में रोज़मर्रा की अच्छी बुरी घटनाओं की कलाकृतियों का उल्लेख है। ज़िन्दगी घनघोर कठिन है, विषम भी है मगर ऐसे पड़ाव भी हैं जहाँ अत्याधिक खुशिया

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Heartfelt Hues

Books by Mohita S Siddharth

Heartfelt Hues is a collection of short stories based on life experiences and poetries based on love, life, erotica and many other emotions. We often think emotions and feelings are easy to understand but they are deeper than an ocean trench. Sometimes, a lifetime is not enough to understand these hues. This book is the continuation of my first book "Silhouettes of Life." I hope you will appreciate all the emotions that feel in your life and get inspiration fr

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In The Era Of!

Books by Sanjali Agrawal

"If a person reacts or responds in a good way or even in a bad way, tells a lot about their personality and their past; good or bad experiences and observations."

- Sanjali Agrawal

'In The Era Of' is a fascinating book compiled with quotes which are felt by our co-authors in depth. Every quote carries its own story with roller coaster ride of emotions, directly or indirectly, felt by writers themselves. They will take you on a journey where y

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Garden Of Wild Roses

Books by Megha P. Yadav & Jael Kemuma Migiro

"Garden of Wild Roses" is an anthology compiled by Megha P. Yadav from India and Jael Kemuma Migiro from Kenya. It's a collection of poems,  stories and articles from different writers across the world who have faced one ground and penned down through different words. It also expresses that the jounery of love isn't easy. People talk about bed of roses but barely someone tells us about the bed of thorns. The aim of this book is to bleed out our emotions i

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Books by Divyadarshini

Life teaches us what love truly is and love gives definition to life. Different people have different experiences in their relationship... I had too... what I experience I penned down in this book... 
May love cause problems and love may solve the problems too... What we choose does not mean it's correct maybe we choose the wrong direction. Life or Love both are just unpredictable... but a broken heart it's predictable. 
There's a word destin

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Books by Simran Thakkar

There is one such feeling which each one of us has experienced at some point in life. People come, make you feel loved sometimes. But when tables turn they just get vanished from your lives. No matter how much we trust them, love them, in the end, we are left with a broken heart. This book is dedicated to all those broken hearts which believed in someone, loved someone, sometime but now cannot even trust themselves. The saddest part is, though we are connected

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The Epistle Of Love

Books by Pooja Balot

"The Epistle of Love" is a book compiled with ten inspirational letters written by the author from her personal experiences which will surely inspire each and every reader to be enthusiastic even at the tough times in their life.

To be a source of inspiration for someone during their tough times through your inspirational words which are depicted in a book is the best way to heal the pain of readers.
The letters written in the book will surely

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Feet In Dirt Yet Purity In Soul

Books by Eram Naz

Those who fight in the battlefield are not only warriors. Rather, everyone who never give up is a warrior, not even when they have to work under the scorching sun and in the freezing cold night.

Feet in dirt yet purity in soul is a book Compiled by Eram Naz with 109 potential co-authors to expose the current situation of the farmers and their feelings when their crops are flooded and when no one cares.

Writers have tried their best to motiv

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The Ring Finger

Books by Riddhi Saraya

‘The Ring Finger’ is a collection of quotes, poems, short stories, and micro tales complied by Riddhi Saraya from India. This book is a combination of work of many influential national and international writers.

“Vena amoris”

What according to you is love? 

Well, everyone has their own definition for love. But is it completely true?

Not always, not very often. Your definition might keep on changing

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Another Mystery

Books by Simran Pardasani

May, a time traveler, who is also a spy and butler; someone who barely knows what is going on much less where it is going on, ends up in a completely different place due to a random time slip.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Indico kingdom falls into jeopardy when the king suddenly decides to abdicate the throne and run away, leaving his most incompetent son as the next heir. And that’s how, the cold-hearted prince Ceil, who everyone has an irrational

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Different Shades Of Love...

Books by Jaya Mishra

Just like people, love also comes with different shades. While some shades are exposed, some shades are hidden inside the closet, a closet where love has created an entire universe of peculiar shades that is enigmatic to the outside world.

However, that doesn't mean that one can't understand these mysteries of shades. But! How would you react when you would unlock the closet of different shades? Would you be shocked or surprised? Would you be receptive

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Books by Muralidhar Sai Veeranki

Tara, a twenty-two year old girl, is smart, but her fear over weird and big guys always toppled her smartness. When she completed her graduation, she earned a reputable job in a company. In addition, Chandu, her crush; probably more, made a step furthur in his love for her. While Tara was so gleeful for the things that happening to her, out of nowhere, a fat stranger abducts her. 

    His motive was not killing or raping or sullying her.

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Books by Prithika S & Sindu R

Orchard is the collection of haikus written by 50 co-authors from diverse backgrounds, bringing an Indian spin to the oldest form of Japanese art. High on imaginary, the three to four lined haiku couplets will take you through all the seasons, squeezing the essence of each season with the deft of words. Each poem captures the underlying emotions of a moment in time. These haiku poetries paints a whole story with few words.

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Bloom Out Of The Blues

Books by Niharika Das





The book "BLOOM OUT OF THE BLUES" consists of stories in the form of poems and open letters narrating the way in which people of different sections of our society are facing the hardships and the ways they used to overcome such difficult and inexpressible situations. Dear love, you are no more alone. This book brings you numerous t

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A Little Bit Of A Lot

Books by Jigyasa Takkar

This world is big. Very big. So vast, that there are so many thoughts and questions and answers flying around! And while you witness so much, only a few get to you. Those few are just, a little bit of a lot. 

In this book, The "Lot" is what goes on in my brain, and the "little bit", is what I am sharing with you all!”

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The Cosmopolitan Theory

Books by Rishav Banerjee & Deepika Sati

‘The Cosmopolitan Theory’ is a collection of poems, short stories and micro tales complied by Rishav Banerjee from (Kolkata) India, and Deepika Sati from (Uttarakhand) India. This project was possible with the valuable efforts of many national and international writers.

The Cosmopolitan Theory, contains write-ups narrating the situation of the pandemic globally and how the well-oiled gears of our elaborated world machine are grinding to a s

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Timeless Tagore

Books by Rupa De

Timeless Tagore evolved, bit by bit, over a very long time. I am painfully aware that this project is a “mission impossible”, given the unconquerable gulf between Rabindranath Tagore’s lyrical mastery in the Bengali original, and the near maiming that ensues in translating his creation into another language. It is also impossible to translate the beautiful use of alliteration and the onoematopia the poet indulges in. As William Radice, observ

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Books by Deepanshi Raikwar

Among the many Gods worshipped in India, Ganesha has a pride of place - as the lord of auspicious beginning, the remover of obstacles, and the endearing elephant-headed deity. “विघ्नहर्ता” is a compilation of quotes, micro tales, poems collected by writers of India. This anthology portrays a cluster of feeling -- related to “Ganpati Bappa”. This book connects with each and everyone because everyone has an unsaid feel

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Wings Of Falcon

Books by Megha P Yadav

Wings of Falcon is a collection of poems, short stories, quotes and essays complied by Megha P. Yadav. The aim of this book is to provide a new dimension of freedom to all. It portrays how the fact of being free is so important and it's a wonderful feeling. The freedom that everyone seeks for and the feeling which brings happiness for one and all. It brings the realization that everyone has the "Wings of Falcon" etched on their back, all they need to do is bel

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I Sold The Ghosts

Books by Shubhang Chauhan

This book is based on fictional stories and the principal character in this book is based on the author’s imagination which has inspired him to write this. Shubhang wrote this book, thinking as if these things were happening with him in actual life, and that he was a part of this book. Shubhang developed a penchant for writing, only for the sake of leaving the readers discombobulated. The readers will get to experience the side of imagination they never

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विविधताओं के स्वर

Books by श्रीमती सत्या सक्सेना

विविधताओं के स्वर श्रीमती सत्या सक्सेना की पहली किताब है जिसमें उन्होंने अलग अलग विषयों पर अपने विचार  कविताओं के रूप में प्रस्तुत किया है

इस पुस्तक के माध्यम से उन्होंने

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Changing Perspective

Books by Prateeksha Ranjan

Changing Perspective is a compilation of poems, stories, and articles that talk about the evolution of thoughts and one's outlook towards life as time passes by. The creatives are written by 14 co-authors, aging from 17 years to 65 years, from various states of India in Hindi and English.

The book is divided into two slots, for the younger co-authors and the elder co-authors, which helps us to compare the outlook towards the life of those who are start

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Stagnant Tears

Books by Saima Firdous

'Stagnant Tears - stories that need to be shared' is a book comprising of write-ups of co-authors across the country. The book primarily consists of the social evils that have been existing from the time immemorial. The book strives towards revolution in the society.

It does not contain set of dead words but the drawbacks and the areas of improvement in the society. It depicts the picture of the social evils prevailing. The authors have written commend

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Books by Arindol Dey

Professor Stephen Hawkings rightly said, “Look up at the stars but not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist”. The momentum of your destiny will only change when you believe in transitions. The more difficult things you undergo, the you get reshaped into a man of daring deeds. Struggles are phenomenal and act as the fulcrum axis to the lives of thousand where true wisdom of life one gets

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Books by Deepali Maurya

For once in our lives, we all fall into darkness and rise from it too.

Leaving behind a lesson that we learnt and an experience that we would never forget, some dark secrets, musings of melancholy, shackles of trust and few quotes of heartache, lead our lives into the brightest and the most beautiful today.

Dark Ink is a book which holds all those unsaid words and the spilt ink. It is a collection of thoughts of wonderful and amazing writers wh

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Curing Minds

Books by Anika Jain & Rishab Bhardwaj

What is life without any hurdles or problems? Life is a whole set of games, making a balance between attacks and defenses. Our actions make our present and decisions bring our future.

Though it is all good to hear and act upon, the unsaid algorithm of the brain doesn't work that way.

There still lies an unsaid heavy corner in our brain that's just not ready to make up with ourselves continuously. This book gives readers a gist of such situation

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I Am Yours Forever

Books by Vishakha Singh & Rohit Raj

The only relation that we get choose post-birth is with whom are heart connects with. Many times our heart overpowers our brain but that one time when it makes the best decision of our life is when we are ready to share our life with someone else. 

Everyone, I can say I love you, but the best thing someone can ever say when they are in love with you is "I am yours forever".

This anthology has and a combination of writers who poured their h

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Is Ignorance A Bliss?

Books by Riddhi Saraya

‘Is Ignorance A Bliss?’ is a collection of quotes, poems, short stories, and micro tales complied by Riddhi Saraya from India. This book is a combination of work of many influential national and international writers. 

‘Is Ignorance A Bliss?’ is a book about magic, feelings and treasures of nature that we seek elsewhere and then end up finding on our doorstep. Within its pages are the thoughts and feelings depicting how &

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The Hidden Pen Names

Books by Pratima Chaubey & Abhishek Pandey

There are plenty of writers who write and remain undiscovered. They represent themselves with their words and their pen names. These pen names hide their actual, realistic selves from their writer selves. We, Abhishek Pandey and Pratima Chaubey came together to give a platform to such aspiring talented writers to express themselves or their writer selves with their names (or pen-names).

This book will take you on a journey of emotions. It has all the

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Books by वंदना "विनी"

यह पुस्तक इस संसार को जन्म देने, बसाने और संवारने वाली नारी शक्ति के जीवन पर आधारित है।

एक बेटी के रूप में जन्म लेने से लेकर, बहन, पत्नी, माँ बनने तक नारी के अनगिनत स्वरूप होते है

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Books by Rahul Salam & Vedanshi Saxena

On the occasion of Senior citizen’s day we dedicate this book to all the grandparents who devote their life to be our best mentors.

They teach us to be better human beings and embrace us for our future.

“GRANDPARENTS-The Best Mentor” is a compilation of young and talented writers and their beautiful memories.

We fill our childhood memories with sweet stories spent with our grandparents. As we grow older, our childish

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Books by Rishav Banerjee & Shubham Tyagi

Wanderlust is a collection of poems, short stories, essays and micro tales complied by Rishav Banerjee and Shubham Tyagi from India. This project is a combination of work of some well known and influential national and international writers who have worked in many famous anthologies.


Wanderlust contains travelling experiences of people and what made them a traveller. It also contains write ups explaining the exotic view and the beauty of

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Books by शानू गुप्ता

शानू गुप्ता की यह कविताओ की पुस्तक कुछ साधारण व कुछ काल्पनिक जीवन से संबंधित है। यह पुस्तक उनके द्वारा कई लोगो को समर्पित करते हुए लिखी गयी है। कविताएं कई मित्रो को, कई शत्रु को औ

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अनोखा बन्धन

Books by अंकिता भाटिया

आज की दुनिया में, जहां हस्तलिखित पत्रों को पाठ संदेशों द्वारा बदल दिया गया था, यह पुस्तक सभी इच्छुक लेखकों को एक मंच देना है, ताकि वे अपने भाई या बहन के लिए एक खुला पत्र लिख सकें।


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Books by Pratyusha Reddy

Dear reader,


This book is a tribute to the sister-brother love. It is the only relationship in the world that stays happy in every circumstance. Siblings love quarreling with each other. This relation is very pure.

If you have a sibling then you know what kind of fun you experience every day. Being with your sibling makes you forget the world. The sibling’s goal has love, fun, care, teasing, monkey trick

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Sibling love

Books by The World Of Hidden Thoughts

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival celebrated by Indian people across the nation.

On this occasion, we bring you a collection of poetry and open letters in a book, as the book name suggests Raksha Bandhan Special Anthology: Sibling Love (The Unbreakable Bond) has written by brothers and sisters for their brothers and sisters. 

We hope you all will enjoy reading through this beautiful heart touching poems and letters book.

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We All Bleed Equal

Books by Rishav Banerjee & Liv Smith

‘We All Bleed Equal’ is a Collection of Poems, short stories, and Micro Tales compiled by Rishav Banerjee from India and Liv Smith from The United States of America. This is the outcome of some well-known and influential Co-Authors who have earned success and esteem from society. ‘We All Bleed Equal’, not only a collection of some creative pieces but also a book of justice and respect for the disadvantaged group. Contents in the compila

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Frozen Inkstrokes

Books by Komal Kumari

If you love poetry, then I guess you must turn the pages and experience real feelings and pure emotions. Strength after weakness, Smile after tears, Success after failure, all are here. Just enter the World of poetry. You'll enjoy it.

Frozen Inkstrokes,

A book with a collection of poems. Each poem has its deepness and purity directly linked to human life. These poems will provide the readers strength to face the reality of the World. It will

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Not Every Girl Born Is Bound To Be A Bride

Books by Shruti Upadhyay

"Not Every Girl Born Is Bound To Be A Bride" is an anthology considering the mental oppression, subjugation and prejudices meted out to the feminine gender. A girl is questioned on her etiquettes and even her domestic experiences. But has anyone welcomed her choice of pursuing their dreams, choices, etc. In this society of indomitable patriarchy, girls are burdened with a bond called "MARRIAGE" as mandatory and not a desire. This anthology is compilation of po

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Books by Rishav Banerjee & Alexandra Bunda

The Book ‘Dolorous’, is a Collection of Poems, Short stories and micro Tales is compiled By Rishav Banerjee and Alexandra Bunda. This book is an initiative by Arindol Dey (Editor). Dolorous it means sorrow and distress faced by the human civilization. This book contains the practical and bitter reality that an individual needs to face in the shambolic contours of life. People harm themselves when they fail in their objectives. Some commit suicide i

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सुनसान रास्ते

Books by सतवीर सिंह

यह पुस्तक मेरी पहली पुस्तक है। इसमें जो कहानियां लिखी गई है, वो कुछ मेरे खुद आंखों देखी है,और  कुछ किस्से है पुराने समय के। इस पुस्तक को लिखने का मकसद किसी को डराना या फिर किसी तर

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Books by राधा और रोहित

हमारे आसपास कई ऐसे लोग होते हैं ,जिनसे हमारा खून का रिश्ता हो या ना हो ,वो हमसे बेहद प्यार और हमारी परवाह करते  हैं। पर हम इस व्यस्त जीवन में उन्हें  वक़्त नहीं दे पाते हैं  और इस

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My Superhero: My Dad

Books by Deepanshi Raikwar & Sri. Nandhini G

Without this person, our life will be tough. He sacrifice his desires, dreams, vacations and works for us all days and nights. He pampers, advices, guides, protects, calm, strengthen us. He is the sun shine. He is mobile living ATM machine. He scolds but loves more. He is the only person Who Will wander all around the city till midnight just to buy a Geometry box for you. He beats and slaps for our mistake but never failed to console us. His love is more pure

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Books by आयूषी अग्रवाल

“रस्में” -ये किताब ऐसे काव्य रचनाओं का संकलन है। जो प्राचीनकाल से चली आ रही है।

“हमारे बुजुर्गों के दिए हुए आशीर्वाद स्वरूप”

रस्में -ये किताब ऐसे काव्य रचनाओं का संक

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Books by अन्शिका और जसनीत कौर

"रूह-ए-ख़्वाबीदा ~ ए जर्नी ऑफ़ लव" का अर्थ है स्वप्नशील आत्मा अर्थात वो आत्मा जो स्वपनों में निहीत हो।

यह पुस्तक प्रेमक़ उसके अनुभवों और बलिदान के बारे में है।  कई बार हम कई चीज़

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The Flashback

Books by Pragya Gaur

I don't know when you all are going to read this or maybe you are or not. Why I said this you'll understand through the pages. The motive to write these 30 letters to my readers and future me is just that I want to show my future self after going through what all I have been where I am so that in future I don't take any step that is not good for me. 

And the second motive is, I know there are people like me who I was in the past. I just want to

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Tribute To Corona Warriors

Books by Ishita Bhatnagar

The book's name "Tribute To Corona Warriors" stands as a tribute to each and every soul who fought courageously not only facing Corona, but also to those people like doctors, nurses, government employees and who all supported the entire nation to fight the pandemic.

With the help of this book we also thank the four wings of armed forces who stands as pillars keeping in mind the national security selflessly and relentlessly.

The book contains wr

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Verses Of Vine

Books by Ankita Jethani

The title itself convey the significance of this book. The verse of this book are threaded in vines of love, trust, bonds, life, relationships, loved ones, and the curiosity about the world, and beauty of nature.

The appetite to know about the world layout,

Infrequently, we consider life as drilling. Many people get about in our life story, but the beauty of life is- it definitely change but never stop for anyone, it goes on no matter what.

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Paper in Ashes

Books by Yashika Verma

This book's name "Paper In Ashes" symbolizes that how when a person gets broken there is still love left in them, just like when a paper gets burn but still remains a paper. Also, the title conveys that when a person gets lost emotionally, they aren't really lost they just push that version of themselves somewhere in the back of their heart. They just need to be reminded that they are still there and can always be found, it just requires that special one to ge

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Books by Rishav Banerjee

Ethereal: An anthology compiled by Rishav Banerjee is a collection of poems based on the themes of Love, Memories, and hope. Like Phoebus's Shine, Ethereal has tried to disseminate the light of spark upon the happy and sad facets of an individual's love, infatuations, and dreams. However, no love is true unless there are solemn commitments. Likewise, the amiable contributions made by the team and the Co-Authors of ETHEREAL wrote their Literary works with commi

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Live Through Beyou

Books by Aparna Singh Chauhan

 Life is full of uncertainties but in this world of uncertainty their lies a ray of hope, a light which guides you through the miseries & love which life throws in our way. 

“Live through BeYou” is one such ray of light which hold you through your thick & thins. This book is all about expressing yourself, your inner desires & the waves of emotions which hold us in our life journey. You may find some gems which will tou

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Let’s Bring Back Memories

Books by Muskan Shah & Ayush Agarwal

Let's bring back memories is an anthology consisting of various writers across the globe bringing back their school, college and childhood memories in the form of poems and letters. The fun, the scoldings, the restrictions and the holdings; everything is covered beautifully in this little piece. Both the compilers have tried their best to bring the amazing write-ups to you through this anthology.

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Books by कीर्ति तोमर

कहानियां जो कई लाखों दिलों और घरों में बसी हुई हैं। वो मजबूरियां जिनसे वो लाचार हैं, कुछ ऐसे परिवारों की कहानियां हैं जिनसे हम सब आज तक अनजान रहे हैं, ना जाने कितनी ऐसी और कहानियां

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Amore Immortal

Books by Kalyani Kathane

Love is an ethereal feeling which resides in the very soul of nature. It is the purest and oldest feeling in the world, yet in every relationship, it somehow feels new. It is the most spectacular, indescribable, deep and euphoric feeling.

'Amore Immortal' is a book that gives words to the most delicate feeling, It describes forms of love present in every relationship. This book is a collection of thoughts of amazing writers. It encapsulates

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Tales Of Friendship

Books by Tanya Kumar

'Tales Of Friendship’ is not only an anthology under the banner of The World Of Hidden Thoughts, but also is an attempt as well as a fresh start made by the author Miss Tanya Kumar in her career by compiling and refining fresh and raw creative talent. 

This book is a tribute to the bond of friendship in our life and the F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast members for impacting our life by setting great examples. Most of all, it’s about friendship and &

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Books by सदफ रेहान

अल्फाज़ जो लाखों दिलों के अन्दर अलग अलग तरह से अलग अलग रूप में कहीं न कहीं छुपे हुए हैं। जाने कितने एहसास छुपे हुए हैं उन चन्द अल्फाज़ो में, जो शायद हैं तो चन्द अल्फाज़ ही लेकिन उन

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Not Rage, We Need Change

Books by Aryasmita Dhir

Not Rage, We Need Change is an anthology of poems and letters based on the most heart-piercing issue these days "assault against women". The foremost reason behind this book is to raise voices against such heinous acts of inhumans and show the power of words, which will be impactful on the readers. This book will compel you to think about it deeply and hopefully will bring change in the society.

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Stories Of Hidden Minds

Books by Gaurav Chauhan And Mohita S. Siddharth

"Stories" this word when comes to our mind, reminds us about those characters, incidents, and emotions attached to them. In today's world, everyone has a story to share, whether those stories are realistic or imaginary. These stories can guide you, inspire you, and motivate others only if you unlock the hidden stories in our minds. Stories of Hidden Minds is an initiative to bring out some of such stories. Sometimes we give examples based on our real-life experie

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Letters To Some-One

Books by Kartik Gupta

"Letters" are one of an ancient means of communication the world has known. In this modern world, writing a letter to someone and expressing your thoughts, views and feelings has become a distant reality! However, we all know that there is always a part that we never speak and is hidden somewhere in the corners of our heart urging to be known to that "Special Someone". To let the world know what is it that our heart holds within and to give a sneak peak of w

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On The Other Side

Books by Aditi Mahajan

On The Other Side, is a collection of poetry and prose for every unique soul, living on the edge. It’s a collection that brings together healing, acceptance of the self, believing in all things beyond, and seeing the light. A book on love, life, relationships, hope and mostly on being human in a world where we are caught between doing human. Apart from this, it’s also a book on all that exists in realms beyond- the middle world, the lower world and the up

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Sketched Stories

Books by Sanil Sadrani

Sketched Stories is a modern compilation of various stories written with deep emotions and knowledge . One can definitely lose oneself into this mesmerizing world of stories and meaningful quotes. Compiled by Sanil Sadrani, this book gives a glance of spotlight to the impending problems, modern or ancient and how to deal with them.This book takes you on a journey with it's heart touching stories and influencing knowledgeable quotes. We have solely published our b

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100 Splendid Voices

Books by Charu Sharma & Jennis Joy Jacob

100 Splendid Voices is a book which gives a strong voice to the females of this world. This book contains 100 Female writers from across the Globe which talks about few social issues of this society, home and problems that women's face these days in this world. This book is a collection of Thoughts of wonderful and amazing writers from not only from one country but also from different countries.

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Carved Words Of Creative Mind

Books by Kartik Gupta & Bharti Pandey

The book is a monolingual anthology of writers from all over the world consisting of beautiful proses and poems along with the garnishing of one-liners which will rather hit harder than the others. It is a combined effort put forward by 66 different immensely talented writers. This book holds all the insights of love, life, relationships, societal dilemmas demands and norms, and every writer has put on their best of perspectives through their writings. This bo

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