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Prathana Vaid

Public Speaker and writer
Public Speaker and writer

Being the author of three published books and the winner of "Youngest influencer in writing" for her third book, "The Universe Is US", Prathana Vaid continues to be the youngest most followed writer by the juveniles these days. She has thousands of followers on her poetry blog, where she posts her self composed poems and continues to inspire all the people with her words. At the mere age of 15, she holds innumerable accolades and still believes that there is a lot more she has to achieve. Read More...

The Universe Is US

Books by Prathana Vaid

Fynn Adler lives a decided life. "I can be nothing apart from a Lawyer. My ambitions are nothing in front of my life."

Grace Wright's world is not clear after her mother's death. "I am the side effect. I am the one who deserves to die."

These two people leave different lives but they are somehow bonded together.

Fynn is unfulfilled, Grace is broken. Fynn's dream is NYU, Grace just wants to matter.

These imperfect people are perf

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A Book With Words

Books by Prathana Vaid

Every book contains words, but this one is different. It contains different kinds of phases a person goes through in this video game called 'life'. It has love, hate, misery, forgiveness and a lot to discover. Every page you turn, you will find another poem and will tend to read it as you might think, it will be somewhere related to you. But it's not only you. It's about all the people living in this world. It lists 50 poems with 30 quotations, all related t

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Second Chance

Books by Prathana Vaid

Get all set to meet Rose Witter and see the turns her life takes in every page. From a very young age, Rose faces several scenes in her family which takes to kill herself yet being alive. She lost everyone at the very hour when she needed them. But at the age of 10, she met her soulmate. Christopher Jack came to her life and made her to live her life fully and beautifully. BUT one night, something tragic happened and Chis needed to give his life away. Then she

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My Everything

By Prathana Vaid in Poetry | Reads: 99 | Likes: 1

Hold my hand, and take me somewhere. Nights like this, don't come often. Into these glittery streets, narrow lanes. Take me somewhere, where, the silence retreats.                             --To my special someone.   Read More...

Published on Feb 15,2021 02:26 PM

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