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Books by Servitude Of My Pen

This small journal is to keep your daily records of duas, ziyarats and prayers during the Holy month of Rajab, Shabaan and the month of Ramadan.

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Peace Be On Ibrahim

Books by Ibrahim Hadi

Peace Be Upon Ibrahim Memories from the life of Shaheed Ibrahim Hadi Translated from the Persian “Salam bar Ebrahim” by Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen “I read a book about Shaheed Ibrahim Hadi. It was a very interesting and attractive book. After I had read it, I could not bring myself to pick it up from the table and place it back among other books. The allure of the character introduced in this book is so much that it acts like a magnet pulling us towards

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Servitude of My Pen

Books by Nida Fatima

The book is a series of poetry written by author in praising and thanking Allah(swt) for his infinite mercy and blessings and tried to encapsulate the pain and sadness on the occultation of His awaited Saviour whom justice and truth is awaiting. Nida Fatima is passionate about writing poetries in praise of Ahlulbait since several years. She has contributed as a poet to various Islamic books and also have participated in some shows reciting her poetries. She en

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