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Supriya Sharma

A drop in the ocean :)
A drop in the ocean :)


Fab-ulous Leadership

Books by Supriya Sharma

Leadership refers to a lifestyle of having a positive impact on those around us by helping them realise and unleash their potential. The fascinating part is that the work which needs to be done begins at home, meaning, we first develop ourselves to a basic level and then employ the sprinkler effect.

Ingraining the leadership mindset during a child's upbringing can have a profound influence on mankind leading to a harmonious world. And what better

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A Cup Of Success

Books by Supriya Sharma

What does the perennially used, 7-character, modish English word of Latin origin spelled as SUCCESS mean? Simply defined, it is being content with what you have got. It is not determined by material possessions or accomplishments. You can enjoy success by reaching a point in your life where you are satisfied with your existence in every respect. If you were to be asked whether you are successful or not, what would your response be? Yes, no, may be or not sure?

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Longing for Spring

By Supriya Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 333 | Likes: 1

When quarantine wasn't the norm, and Mother Earth was in her true form; The winter Sun was glinting through the grey sky, on the au naturel trees whose grace it did amplify. My mind was orchestrating the sweet blossom assuming, passing the vernal equinox would be awesome! The clock shifted, the s  Read More...

Published on Apr 23,2020 03:48 PM

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