Unni Babu, hailing from Kochi, had been a web and game developer for three years until he found his profound passion for fantasy novels in 2017. He embarked on a journey to chase his dream of becoming a writer by setting up a personal blog. After a year of posting short stories on his blog, he is ready to take his writing career to the next level.


Sleepless Night

Books by UNNI BABU

"Sleepless Night" is a collection of short poems by Unni Babu who is always enchanted by the silence and beauty of the dark night. Most of the poems in this tiny book are written at the dead of the night to express various shades of pessimism. Each poem has a unique topic, expressing its deep meaning in unique rhymes.

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Layers of a pandemic

Books by UNNI BABU

Neutrophil Histolytica, aka Phil, the only amoeba to survive the chemical Holocaust, and Ana Pheles, an orphan mosquito, embark on an adventure to kill the man who annihilated everything they loved. They have to defeat the gargantuan two-legged beast that has an arsenal of chemical weapons. Moreover, it is Phil's last day on Earth. Whatever be the odds, there is no going back from this seemingly impossible mission.

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