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Ryan Fernandes


Ryan Fernandes hails from the beautiful coastal city of Mangalore, Karnataka. He is currently working as an Associate Professor in the department of surgery in a reputed Medical College in Mangalore. He is a full-time surgeon by profession, a part time writer, a self-proclaimed cricket expert and a lazy blogger. 
He is a voracious reader and with a keen interest in writing which took a back seat while he was completing his studies. His debut novel Our Imperfect Story, inspired from various real-life incidents narrated to him by his friends as well as events he came across a medical student was self-published on Amazon in October 2019. 




This is not a love story! Rohan is an average confused medical student who doesn’t seem to be getting the answers to the question’s life is throwing him. He wants to know why his best friend Aakash wants to end their friendship even though he did nothing wrong. He wants to know why his roommate Sid has a fear of bikes. He wants to know why his friend Joseph has joined engineering even though he is interested in something else. He wants to know whether or n

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