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Amar B. Singh

An explorer of life
An explorer of life


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Books by Amar B. Singh

The world will see changes in the next 20 years that it witnessed maybe in the first thousand years.  But are we geared up for that? Do we even want that? 

2042 is a look at the above - the social manifestations of the accelerated pace of change owing to the rapid developments in science and technology.

This book in the form of poetry and crisp observations is a short and compelling read which gives the reader a lot to think upon.

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Books by Amar B. Singh

Thousands of years later, Krishna and Arjuna meet again in the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

Arjuna is in a new battle this time, that with the virus... The bravest of warriors is helpless against nature and seeks some fundamental answers from the Creator...With his son dead, will Arjuna listen to the Lord and get over his grief or, have times changed...

Written in  verses, the poetry takes to the human experience of life and the basic quest

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If there was one root cause of all the pains in this world that all living beings go through, would we not want to solve that forever and live in bliss and peace. We invent the Superman and the Iron Man for the same reasons that we invent Gods but we ignore the fact that our pursuit is on the path to failure because we have forgotten who we are! The problem with finding that out is that we use the wrong tool, the wrong measurement instrument. The human mind is a

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A Week With Enya

Books by Amar B. Singh

We know how to solve problems. Where we don't, we read, we ask, we learn and then, we solve! What happens when there are no answers though? When nobody in the world knows! When we see the need to invent Gods even if we can't discover Him. Through a string of poems, the author narrates such an experience with his autistic daughter, Enya. What started as a week of babysitting for him soon became a seeking to change her into 'normal'. But that very seeking ended

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