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letters from the blue hills

Books by Lakshmy Das

letters from the blue hills is a compilation of letters and notes to a lover, taking the readers through intense emotions arising from living through loss and the anguish it creates. As one begins reading, the question of who the addressee of these letters grows stronger, only to wonder if these words would ever reach that person. These letters are also journeys through love, growth, and finding a home in oneself in its depth and vastness.

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on the way back home

Books by Lakshmy Das

What does one say about this collection of short stories? Well, it’s filled with the feeling of a quiet December morning, held with a warm cup of coffee around the corner. It is filled with people you meet as you walk along the dusty mud roads and the conversations you have with them and yourself. 

These stories remind one of the different shades of strength; be it “vasanthi” or Rosakutty from “freedom”. They point ou

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the things i dream about

By Lakshmydas in Poetry | Reads: 52 | Likes: 1

i often dream of being in love with you-of the rain-drenched forest-of the starry skyand the warmth of lying on your chest.i often dream of waking up to you-of telling you my weird tales-of dancing with you in the summer rain.i dream of the rustling soundsthe ones that put me to sleep as a child-as   Read More...

Published on Feb 16,2021 11:27 PM

A letter to you.

By Lakshmydas in Stories | Reads: 88 | Likes: 0

"When I look at that, it reminds me that people are just ashes of dead stars. We are just a collection of atoms that come together for a brief period of time, and then we fall apart. When all of this is over, and we are dispersed back into nothingness, we have a clean slate." - Chemical Hearts (2020  Read More...

Published on Feb 16,2021 11:26 PM

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