Jagadish Nadanalli

Me My Friends and an Aunty

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One big city, four friends, monotonous jobs and lethargic life….. Jaggi works in a TV production house that churns out saas-bahu saga that would give competition to chewing gum. He is desperately trying to break into movies. Giri, Deeps and Shinu work like bonded labors in the software factories of Silicon Valley. After working for three years in those factories they have become robots obeying the commands given by their masters. On top of this, they have their landlord to cope with, who treats them as some lazy bastards. They are frantically looking for a breath of fresh air to survive.

That fresh air comes to their building in the form of a beautiful middle aged lady, whose name is……ahhh… whose name…. ahhh… ah yes… Aunty.

Aunty… ?!!.... WTF…!!!

Yes she has no name, no credentials, no back ground and she is not even in Facebook. So the four friends decide to christen her as Aunty and the lady gracefully accepts it.

Their world suddenly turns upside down after arrival of Aunty, who seems to transmit new found exuberance in their life whenever she is around. They all start to take their grievances to her and she, as if though some oracle, quells their problems with her perfect prophecies.

But all of them are not sitting quite, somebody is intrigued…..

Who is she? Why is she helping us? Why is she changing our life? Why we are getting dragged towards her? What is it that I have in my heart for her?

Jaggi is finding it difficult to get answers for all these questions. Would he get the answers to those questions or not is once again a billion dollar question itself.

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