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Aspiring Writer
Aspiring Writer

Kalpana Vogeti is a mother of two and a homemaker who seeks pleasure in writing and writing to her heart's content. In 2016, she started writing again rekindling her long-lost passion and her urge for being an established writer. It's almost 7 years now, she has been writing articles and stories for her blog as well as on different other blogs without a fail.  She is an extremely amicable person who enjoys meeting new people and believes that words should be straight out of the heart and serve as food for thoughts. That's what made her a happy and successful blogger. Blogging, she reckons is Read More...


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I Sense A Presence

Books by Vogeti Kalpana

Curios case of Sally who sensed a presence around her in her new house. The presence scared her yet gave her a new prism to look through. Was the presence a reality, a hallucination, or just a cloak to hide an abominable truth?

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Pause And Think

Books by Vogeti Kalpana

An amateur attempt at first place. A compilation of short articles giving an insight into the complexities of human nature, relationships, turmoils and tests.  Anyone can easily relate and identify themselves with the questions, situations, problems mentioned in the book. Its about Me but it also could be You as well !

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I am The Power

By Vogeti Kalpana in Poetry | Reads: 214 | Likes: 0

I am the power, who can consolidate the scattered chunks and build a life; I am the power, who can usher glee in melancholy; I am the power,  who can dare to reach the zenith from the darkest depth; I am the power, who can wear a calm demeanour while contesting the whirlpool of ordeals; I am th  Read More...

Published on Mar 25,2020 02:30 AM

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