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The Quadrant Puzzles

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This piece of fiction may at first disturb those singularly pursuing “success” for it lays bare their identities and the nature of their personal relationships. However, by the end of the book there would clearly appear comfort and redemption.

A novel that defies genres, it is about how unabashed opportunity creations lead to Orwellian outcomes. This is a must read for a beleaguered market civilization.

This book has its share of heroes and villains. But in the end there is a universal triumph for every human being.

A novel of immense reconciliation. It has the power to heal the earth and the human heart.

Here is a bold attempt to synthesize philosophy and everyday living, the east and the west, reason and harmony, and finally, truth and beauty.

A few excerpts from the book:

“My heart raced as she sat beside me

Her soft reassuring ancient hands

Picked me up, cradled me in her lap,

Pressed me to her breast

And kissed me on the forehead.

She then bent down to my ear

And spoke the kind motherly words.”

“Grossness was my creed

Sensory entitlement my greed

What heavenly intervention

Would refine me human?”

“I sat beside his imposing presence

Hope blossomed in my heart.

His message, direct and unmistakable

Gave me a new vision.”

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