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Women entrepreneurship in India: Understanding the role of NGO’s

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The starting point for the book is the low economic activity of women in India, and hence, both governmental and NGO-based activities to raise the level of women’s participation to Indian economy, and through that, the increase in women’s economic and social independence. The book focuses on elementary and important issues of entrepreneurship and women in any economy.

Prof. Anne Kovalainen

School of Economics

University of Turku, Finland

The book focuses on three NGOs and their activities in enhancing and promoting women’s entrepreneurial activities in three different areas in India. The empirical material consists of interview materials as well as background data and reports, national level statistics and other figures that are used to describe the Indian situation in general, and specifically those conditions from where women’s entrepreneurial activities arise, such as gender equality and legislation frameworks. The book is very important, not only for the women’s entrepreneurship and economic activity but for the Indian society at large.

Prof. Paola Villa

Department of Economics

University of Trento, Italy

This book is a product of extensive and intensive research. The book aptly highlights and proves the importance of NGOs in promoting women entrepreneurship. Given the rigors of research methodology, the book will also serve as a model for future research on the related dimensions of women entrepreneurship.

Prof. Italo Trevisan

Department of Economics and Management

University of Trento, Italy

Women’s empowerment in India remains a daunting task for governmental and non-governmental organizations alike. Given the importance of economic empowerment of women, this study provides an overview of the entrepreneurship as a means to economic empowerment of Indian women.

Dr. Suman Sharma

Officer on Special Duty(OSD)

Dayal Singh College (Evening)

University of Delhi

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