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Wild Flowers

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Wild Flowers, a bouquet of poems is a collection of fifty two poems, the best among the unpublished poems by the poet. Each poem is distinctive in itself and possibility is the reader may be able to identify with it.

The poems are very sensitive and deals with events that touch our daily lives. Happenings which we all may have observed but did not care for. Sensitive as the poet is even an ordinary bird like the crow or the bee becomes a symbol of expression in his poems.The poems on nature are descriptive to the minute as you will experience self-exhilaration while reading them; whereas poems of romance are mischievous and you may once again get carried away to your own days of romance or may be just day dream. Social issues get reflected in many of the poems as you will realize that the poet is concern with the happening around him that are eroding the social fabric in a vibrant diverse India.

The language used by the poet is simple which soothes and appeals to the senses of the reader. It is bound to compel the reader to read over and over again to appease the heart and the soul.

Every reader who picks up this book of poems will enjoy poetry or may be fall ‘in love with poetry’. Sit back and enjoy, revitalize your senses, and hum some of them to yourself and also recommend to your friends so that they don't miss it.

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