Stanley David

Master Trainer, Writer, Quizmaster and Public Speaker
Master Trainer, Writer, Quizmaster and Public Speaker

  QUIZMASTER’S PROFILE  Stanley David, a well-known  quizmaster,  with 40 years of quizzing experience, was the  captain   of  the  famous  Dalhousie  Institute  Quiz  team,   Kolkata,  the   winners  of   the AQUO Trophy for the Best  Quiz Team in the country. He has won innumerable Quizzes like the All India North Star Quiz, Calcutta Tercentenary Quiz, Brain of Calcutta (runner-up), Close-Up Quiz and many such Quizzes. Penguin has published his first books, titled the “Penguin Quiz Book 2003”. He was the quiz brain behind the 130 episode Inter-School Quiz ,Britannia MRead More...


Essential Quiz Book

Books by Stanley David

This is a must-have quiz book that covers a wide spectrum of information drawn from diverse areas of interest. The topics range from Arthurian legends, archaeology, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to word origins, dinosaurs, musicals and the World Wars, with separate sections on cult icons like James Bond, Tintin, Alfred Hitchcock, Agatha Christie, J.R.R. Tolkien and Harry Potter. In addition, there are several sets of Mixed Bag questions to challenge the mos

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The Swiggy Guy

By Stanley David in Life Journey | Reads: 2,625 | Likes: 3

They are everywhere in the city across Bangalore. And in most  cities of India. You can spot them at all times of the day, and at all times of the night.  Always  in a hurry. I am of course referring to the Swiggy guys. One looks at their uniform, and sees the large letters that anno  Read More...

Published on Jun 17,2022 11:52 AM


By Stanley David in Humour | Reads: 2,981 | Likes: 2

Potboiler   On the door was a wooden plaque, titled Lexicon. I knocked on the door of the flat, and waited. After a patient minute, I knocked again. And then I noticed that the door was not locked, and I could hear muffled voices. I uttered a loud “Hello”, and carefully pushed the d  Read More...

Published on Jun 16,2022 11:24 PM


By Stanley David in Life Journey | Reads: 2,021 | Likes: 3

Bahadur Uncle You will come across this poor Nepali immigrant labor in most parts of India, either working as a Security Guard in a residential apartment complexes or working as a hired help in some company or a motor garage. They would be appointed without any background check or whatsoever, becaus  Read More...

Published on Jun 16,2022 10:53 PM

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