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vikas rawat


A girl, an ordinary girl go through the death of his loving brother, whom she loves the most. When she goes in college, she fights to get into NCC, there a boy likes her, proposes her, but she ignored him completely. does the boy succeeded in proposing her? does they lived happily? or something else happened? War:Waiting for someone is the story of this girl, several tradgedy happens in his life but the most devastating was the final tragedy, the death of someone which was unbearable to handle. ...

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A boy wishes to have a good relation with his father. THE GOD MADE THE PROMISE that he will have a good relation with his father in his upcoming birth. Did god fullfilled his promise? Did the boy get his wish fullfilled? Alsh! but his father dies, what happened to fransky then. And what happened about GOD promise? GOD CAN IT HELP YOU OR NOT, is a emotional story of a boy, who want to have a good relation with his father, he had dreams of playing and having fun with his father. But in his birth all what he get was opposite of what he wished. FRANSKY'S life was surrounded with the love of friends, a girl but what he misses was his FATHER. ...

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