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The cover page of my book shows factsheets data available on the W.H.O. website. We can see, millions of people have died and many millions more will die in the coming future due to various diseases. Throughout the world, trillions of dollars are being invested to find solutions to various diseases and many more trillions of dollars will be invested in the coming future. All over the world scientists do perform experiments using well established protocols with or without minor modification as per their experimental approach. In this book, I have discussed a possible hypothesis behind ‘Non-specific results’ obtained by four techniques (Southern blotting, Northern blotting, Microarray, siRNA technology) which are widely used in molecular biology research. I have also tried to give a better hypothetical solution which can minimize experimental errors. I will introduce you to a broader definition of “Complementary” in DNA structure (which has never been discussed in standard biology books), a novel PD-PCR technology developed by me and presence of novel mirror repeat sequences within most of human genes. Hopefully knowledge within this book will be helpful in developing various molecular biology techniques which will not show any experimental error. Doing scientific experiments without any error will only solve the sufferings of mankind. After reading my book, feel to answer my only question, “Over a period of time, have we collected valid scientific data to be used by coming generation of young scientist in molecular biology research?”

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