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Harsh singhvi


I, Harsh B. Singhvi, is an ordinary young boy who just get similar love from Books as like from my parents. My curious mind just made a thinking that "There should be a book with my name on it" and while in lock down due to pandemic I got a chance and furnished my stormy stories in my mind, on the book. ThankS to the notion press, who supported me and gave my dreams a new life with wings! DankeRead More...


You Complete Me!

Books by Harsh B. Singhvi

My Life eventually turned marvellous when I learnt the values of actual life from Robert Downey Jr, sir. I got very much inspiered and started to worship Him like a God! He taught me, "If you hit bottom, you doesn't meant to stay there!" 

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ZINDAGII - Charge the Life!

Books by Harsh B. Singhvi

What is the actual Life and its motive for being existing in this world is the main theme of this Book! Reader must have read many books on same topic, but I bet, this will change you perfectly.  We say 'OLD is GOLD' and that's what this is..  Remembering the Legends is what the second main aim of this book! 

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Books by Harsh B. Singhvi

This book is amzing source which leads you to way of LOVE, AFFECTION, & CARE of FRIENDS ! FRIENDSHIP IS AN AMAZING CONCEPT IN WORLD OF PEACE and how this book shows about eight FRIENDS which indulge in an adventure that is sponsered by their own TEACHERS !

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By Harsh singhvi in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 182 | Likes: 1

It was the first day of April and I was late for School. In my hurry, the significance of the date. my teacher looked at me sternly as I entered the class, but didn't say anyting. I knew that she was angry with me because of what happened the previous day in class. 'Teacher had gone out of class fo  Read More...

Published on Jun 5,2020 08:49 PM

The extra-terrestrial letter !

By Harsh singhvi in General Literary | Reads: 239 | Likes: 2

HUMANS, 3rd, EARTH, Solar System, Milky way, universe!. TO, MY FOLLOWER , HARSH!                             Hiii. Namaste. Hola. Ciao. Salaam !                         &  Read More...

Published on Jun 5,2020 04:44 PM

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