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Enjoy our book
Enjoy our book

Hello friends I am author Siddhesh Prusty and I publish books for you readers to read and enjoy it . For now, have fun reading my books.Read More...



Books by Siddhesh Prusty

Going to the land of waters, Andaman read the absolutely exciting story about the trip to the great Andaman and Nicobar Island. Explore the different adventures of Siddhesh Prusty of how he played, enjoyed, and how was his experience over there.

Enjoy reading the book and have fun !!

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The dreams dreamt by kids

Books by Siddhesh Prusty , Ravindra Nadh .

This bok is a non-fiction book and contain magical adventures,hooror dreams,scary dreams  and some fantastic dreams dreamt by kids.Hope readers will like this book.

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Neeam Deckahalam

Books by Tanishq Charagonda And Siddesh Prusty

This book has everything that means it has comedy adventurous and funny .This book is written by creativity and a target to do more books and more pages in a book.I hope you liked the books ,bye friends and thank you .


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Ronaldo's Messi

Books by Tanishq Charagonda And Siddesh Prusty

it is the success of Ronaldo it is not the same Ronaldo in real life 

How he faced his problems in football

How he had success in football 

How much fun he had 

And the toughest problems he faced 

In football 

It is a book for children it only contains 20 pages but it is very 

Exciting and the small kids 

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My accidental trip to vishakapatnam

By Tanishq Charagonda And Siddesh Prusty in Travel | Reads: 531 | Likes: 1

Odisha,the land of lord Jagannath is my native place and I was very excited to visit odisha during the Dussehra vacation to meet my grandparents.We were travelling throught train so due to the cyclone'TITLI'our train got delayed around twelve hours .This cyclone affected the eastern coastal belt of   Read More...

Published on Jul 26,2020 10:08 AM

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