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You intend to honour and glorify God, but very often end up in denigrating and insulting God. Your faith says that God is totally just and upright, but you try to bribe God by offering all sorts of gifts. Your faith says that God knows everything including the past, the present and the future and even your innermost secret thoughts and desires and what is best for a person, yet you request God what He should do, when, where and how. Your faith says that God is absolute love, yet you think that whatever that happen in your life and the world like wars, accidents, natural calamities, terrorism, communal violence, sickness, murder and rape happen according to some mysterious plan of God. Your faith says that God is a totally free and impartial judge and umpire, but you try to influence and manipulate Him by your prayers, vows, pilgrimages and penances. Your faith says that God is absolutely compassionate and merciful, and yet you think that God may punish you and take revenge on you if you do not pray for His help. Your faith says that God is an all-perfect personality who lacks nothing, but some of your faith-practices depict God as an egoistic and insecure person who constantly seeks praise, gratitude, adoration and glorification from believers.

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