Anupriya Sharma

A girl with full of dreams
A girl with full of dreams



Books by Anupriya Sharma

What happens when two different lives connects? One is open soul who enjoys his life and have everything and spend most of time in limelight and other one is a broken soul who had faced betrayal from her own family and friend.
How things gets changed when both collided with each other?
Will she be able to cope from her past and start a new life in different side of world?

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Books by Anupriya Sharma

Sometimes we get successful in our life but in a corner of our heart, we are not happy with that life. We search for a partner who could understand our problems, can give strength. Who will love unconditionally without any judgement and moreover we’ll feel free with them.

In this story you will find out how things go complicated in one’s life and how they manage to find their destiny !

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Maybe, Oneday

By Anupriya Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 192 | Likes: 2

Maybe, one day, We both will celebrate Every single day of Valentine's week Together. From rose day to valentine's eve to Valentine's Day You'll be with me And I'll be in your arms. Time will stop for a moment, for us to enjoy, to capture those Moments in our lives. Not like today Separated and fa  Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 08:35 PM

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