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repeat telecast

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This fiction short story for all ages written by Hridima Patwal is a very unique book with adventures in a repeating life. In my opinion, your mind goes all crazy. This is a story of a girl named 'jaanvi' who is an ordinary girl with a single parent her mom she changes homes about each year, due to her mother's transfers.

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the black heart

By hridima patwal in General Literary | Reads: 123 | Likes: 1

Hey, I am Jack and my family comes from Australia. I have been in New York for most of my life and I love my life..oh wait I forgot to mention a thing that is not compulsory to mention but c’mon I am proud of it and I love it okay here it comes I am black. ya I know, it's not shocking but nev  Read More...

Published on Aug 26,2020 08:57 AM

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