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Two cultures meet, entwine and become a love story. Madderakka plots the romance between Ramona, a Sami girl from Norway and Veeran, a young Adijan from India. They meet in a chat room online and become fast friends. Ramona helps Veeran travel to Norway to study and they fall in love.

Ramona and Veeran travel back to India, only to encounter jealousy – Veeran’s uncle, unable to stomach their success, arranges for Ramona’s rape. She is deported to her homeland where she gives birth to Madderakka. She also goes on to become the President of the Sami Parliament.

Veeran goes to Norway to join Ramona, but fate has other plans for them. He returns to India with Madderakka and what happens next is an interesting twist in the tale.

This fictional love story breezes through two cultures, touching upon what has never been done before.

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