Nidhi Mahendrakar

System Engineer, tech enthusiast, and a hobbyist photographer
System Engineer, tech enthusiast, and a hobbyist photographer


Glorious Days of our Lives

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What is life to you? A melody to some. A story to someone else. Or maybe a beautiful journey for some of you. Life has got no definition. Life has always been what and how WE want it to be.

In this multi-lingual book ‘Glorious Days of Our Lives’, you will be able to relate to the author’s way of looking at various aspects of life. The book is not to teach you how to live, but it will definitely be an aid to recall similar insta

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Love just happens!

By Nidhi Mahendrakar in Poetry | Reads: 57 | Likes: 1

Sharing is the key. It begins here and probably does end here too. You see ‘Sharing’ in a relationship is what builds the bond between the two. Only when you share, you learn about the other person, their likes, dislikes, their lives, and their living. When we share, we have to consider the othe  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 01:57 PM

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