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Dr Rajesh Kumar Agrawal

Reader and Author
Reader and Author

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Agrawal is in Teaching Profession Science last 20 Year. his Qualification is Ph.d. in commerce. He is writer of a book Public Speaking Workbook (Hindi & English) which is avalable in notion press and also publised as E-Book in amazon. He tought more then 5000 students during last 20 years. He also publish 8 research papers in national and international journals.  Read More...


पब्लिक स्पीकिंग वर्कबुक

Books by डॉ अर्क

सार्वजनिक भाषण क्या है।

सार्वजनिक भाषण हमारी बात को दूसरों के सामने पहुंचाने की प्रक्रिया या कार्य है। हम इंसान हैं और हमारे पास बोलने की क्षमता है। तो क्यों न हम प्रभावी तरी

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Public Speaking Workbook

Books by Dr. Ark

What is Public Speaking:
Public speaking is the process or act of delivering our content in front of others. We are Human and we have capability to speak. so why not we speak effectivity for that we need to learn tools, methods and technique. The act can accomplish particular purposes including to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. Additionally, differing methods, structures, and rules can be utilized according to the speaking situation.
For whom P

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