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The Zoned Tribe

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The dust settled over the battlefield, and the echoes of the final battle slowly faded away. The Zoned Tribes had emerged victorious, overthrowing the oppressive regime that had divided and controlled their land for far too long. The scars of the conflict were deep, but the promise of a new era shimmered on the horizon.

Under the leadership of their fearless chieftain, the Zoned Tribes united the fractured territories, fostering a spirit of cooperation

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Scrawling Under The Moonlight

Books by Aprajita Chakraborty

Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds with "Scrawling Under The Moonlight" a captivating compilation of short stories that will transport you to various realms of wonder and emotion. Within these pages, talented storytellers weave their magic, presenting an anthology that embraces the power of brevity and the art of storytelling.

From the depths of science fiction to the hidden corners of fantasy, these tales traverse a spectrum

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By Aprajita Chakraborty in Stories | Reads: 255 | Likes: 0

Even today I believe in fairytales after living almost two decades of my life. A tale with a fierce strory though. The ones where he's got castle in his arms and magic in his efforts. The ones where nothing is left to luck and every moment is meaningful. The ones where she's got some major flaws and  Read More...

Published on Feb 23,2021 11:46 PM

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