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As a skilled engineer and passionate writer, I have a unique combination of technical expertise and creative flair. With a love for words and an eye for detail, I am committed to creating compelling content that engages and inspires my readers. After completing my engineering degree, I made the decision to pursue my lifelong passion for writing on a full-time basis. I have since published several books and established myself as a respected voice in the industry. My poetry has been featured in various publications and I enjoy exploring a range of themes and topics in my writing. With a strong fRead More...


Connections Unleashed

Books by Gobinda Panda

"Connections Unleashed" Explore the Power of Meaningful Connections In this thought-provoking and enlightening book, I wanted to take you on a transformative journey into the depths of human interactions and relationships. Through a diverse range of topics, Me as an Author invites you to delve into the intricacies of forging true connections and finding success in a bustling society. 
From uncovering the secrets of navigating complex relationships to

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Books by Gobinda Panda

This is somthing you all can understend what i can trying to say. This is called reality. This is called LAST HOPE to me.

This virtual world every one is talking about only virtual love and social media love, but wait you guys really think that this is true love or real love. in this non fiction book i am on,y talking about thuth. what happned in someones life.

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Books by Gobinda Panda

You must have seen that we talk a lot about love and write a lot. You guys wonder why we talk so much about love and write so much, there is a poem, we have unfulfilled happiness ahead of us there.  A lot will happen, you will understand that there is some happiness and not a little happiness, I am speaking about love, I am speaking about everyone, there is a lot to say that there is a lot to see you and your thinking is on us only.  Have tried to ma

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Books by Gobinda Panda

The text of this edition of “Started living”, as it exists in his second edition of “Self Made” the comparatively few readings of Great Poems followed by a curious lifestyle and what usually happens to be in someone’s life, which have not been adopted, are given at the foot of the page, with his name attached to them. As will be seen, the most important various readings are also given in footnotes; a plan which, it is believed, wi

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Books by गोबिंद पंडा

मे गोबिंद पंडा इस किताब का लेखक , इस किताब की हर एक कविता मेरा दिल की बोहत करीब सै लिखित है उमीद करता हु आप सब को पसंद आयगा .  

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By Gobinda panda in Poetry | Reads: 225 | Likes: 0

धोखा देकर ऐसा चले गए जैसे कभी जानते ही नहीं तो तुम अभी ऐसे नफरत जताते हो जैसे प्यार को मानते ही नहीं थे तुम |||जनाब धोख  Read More...

Published on Feb 22,2021 10:29 AM

आंखों की बेचैनी

By Gobinda panda in Poetry | Reads: 1,498 | Likes: 1

शुक्रिया करते हैं आपको जो आप यहां आए वादा रहेगा आपसे आप निराश ना जाए |||आओगे आप वापस हमारा कविता पढ़ने वादा है हमारा आ  Read More...

Published on Feb 17,2021 06:04 PM

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