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Author & Writer

Suryakanth, A Computer Applications Graduate turned into a writer in December 2019. He used to write and post his random thoughts and idealogy as quotes and reading content on his Instagram page. Later he developed his skills and started writing short stories, episodes, poems, etc. He is a die-hard fan of Director Mani Ratnam's and Gautham Vasudev Menon's romantic films and their films have impacted him a lot to write romantic comedy stories and strong content-based drama. His friends' circle used to call him "The Storyteller!" Apart from writing, working as a solution consultant in the IT secRead More...


A Love Happened Over Coffee!

Books by Suryakanth

Shantanu Rajsekhar, recently got his first job. So he decided to keep this good news as a surprise to his girlfriend Poorna Chandrakant. Shantanu decided to break this good news to Poorna at a cafe shop at Bandra. Elyse was working at a private company at Bandra, how both Shantanu and Elyse are connected, how they met, how they move further after meeting, and how a love happened over coffee is our story!

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My Dear Hooman!

Books by Suryakanth Arumugasamy

Unstable Thinking's presents you with the second pocket storybook! A beautiful story between a college student & a stray dog which leads them to a bond that is gonna be forever

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When I Met You Again!

Books by Suryakanth Arumugasamy

Bhuvan, a CS guy who graduated from Mumbai University is working in a reputed bank as an assistant general manager. Part-time teacher for mentally challenged children on weekend days & a good daddy for his pet dog fluffy! Single guy with a hidden love!

Charu, working as a marketing executive in a startup company. BA graduate but didn't get into her dream job as a teacher for mentally challenged kids. Currently in a relationship with her long-time

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Realization Of Reality

Books by Suryakanth Arumugasamy

Life is all about probability, whether it's a yes or no. Thangaraj is a young man in search of a job, had a huge loss in business after his father passed away. He meets a beggar one day after attending an interview which didn't go well, both had an argument later which ended in a conversation about sharing each other past happening. All of a sudden the beggar applied a spell on Thangaraj which changed his current reality, whether Thangaraj is going to stick wi

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The Birthday Teachings

Books by Suryakanth Arumugasamy

The Story is all about Shabbir Thakur & his daughter Zarina Thakur. Here Shabbir has a different concept & thought on raising Zarina, what problems did he face, how did he protect his daughter from some untold stories of them, how both of them looked after each other, etc. It's a complete package! What you expected will be in the story with some unexpected twists & turns.

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Love, Soul & Magic!

By Suryakanth Arumugasamy in Stories | Reads: 78 | Likes: 1

Fall in Love! Believe me, it'll make our life beautiful and makes us understand how important is a person's affection in our life. Ridham and Tara are college students doing their second-year bachelor's degree in business administration. Ridham Balaji, a young handsome & timid guy, with a well-settl  Read More...

Published on Feb 16,2021 04:00 PM

An Unconditional Love!

By Suryakanth Arumugasamy in Stories | Reads: 65 | Likes: 1

14th February 2018, It was Valentine's Day! A day where strangers might become friends, friends might become lovers & sometimes lovers may end-up with marriage decisions. Restaurants, coffee shops & snack stalls all were mostly filled with couples. The whole city was enjoying the day with their love  Read More...

Published on Feb 16,2021 03:56 PM

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