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Salma Malik

इक कलम सी है किरदार 'सलमा', बस किताबत महज़ काम उसका। ग़ज़ल▪️ख़्याल▪️लेख▪️कविता
इक कलम सी है किरदार 'सलमा', बस किताबत महज़ काम उसका। ग़ज़ल▪️ख़्याल▪️लेख▪️कविता



Books by Salma Malik

"BURRIED DESIRES" is an Anthology by many writers but the title is not just a title in itself, it signifies much more.As you all know that Burried Desires means the desires which are burried by us or by the society. We all desire something in our life but we don't get all what we longs. Some of our longings are fulfilled but mostly of our desires remain unfulfilled because they are not acceptable according to the situation. This anthology is the representation

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Books by Salma Malik

‘BREATHING WORDS’ is a collection of a lot of co-authors from different corner of the world. They all have contributed with great work. Without the support of each and every writer,this huge task was impossible.  As all the co-authors are from different regions,so they all have different point of view towards life too and shared here their writings with unique perspectives.

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A Real Lie It was Friday afternoon.Yasmin did a message to Raj. She asked ‘’where are you Raj?” There is a good news,May be it is a bad news for you. Having seen the message, Raj replied, what happened? Next line was only that are you getting engaged?Then she replied Yes, I am getting engaged  Read More...

Published on Feb 17,2021 11:13 PM

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