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Scattered Diamonds and other short stories

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This is a story where there is change of personality that occurs in the life of a renowned, yet stubborn, arrogant and rude author as he interacts with different kinds of personalities while he is on his way to the alluring and renowned hill stations of India- Manali; a 35 year old boy realizes the true meaning of "Haunting" when the strange incident that he dreamt of became true; an author experiences a strange happening after he learns about some gypsies res

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By Soham Sengupta in Poetry | Reads: 61 | Likes: 0

Once in a land, in the kingdom by the sea,there lived a girl named Beverly.She was attached to me.While we always sat beneath a flowery tree,in the kingdom by the sea. Then, once came a tsunami,in the kingdom by the sea.A huge rock saved me,but away swept my Beverly. As by the sinewy wave,my Beverl  Read More...

Published on Feb 24,2021 04:09 PM

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