Basavaraj Patil

Author, Business Coach, International Trainer, Youtuber
Author, Business Coach, International Trainer, Youtuber

Basavaraj is an Author, Business Coach, International Trainer who reached 95000+ Pupil around world in 82 countries, Founder of “Retailcoholic”. His Debut Book, Swadharma for Success distils his experiences and learnings about life into a thought-provoking Story that will help You align Yourself, Your Structure of Life and helps you to stay on track to achieve whatever you want in life.Read More...


Monkey to Monk

Books by Basavaraj J. Patil

Imagine! All the Animals Started Evolving like Humans... Any which way one day it will happen, Sooner or later Don't know! It is been said that Humans evolved from Monkeys. Then the question is there are still monkeys that exist on the planet. It means only those monkeys evolved who have chosen to.. who chosen to go out of their comfort zone. who chosen to grow.

See we must understand this, the evolution process takes place when there is a need in the

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Swadharma for Success

Books by Basavaraj J. Patil

     A Story Book Journey from Financially broke to being Legend. Now in today's world we all have different Dreams, Preferences, Choices, opinions. We should also add something in our daily life as per our Life Goals along with our daily Religious Practices. As Humans are called as Habitual beings. We all have some set of habits, what if we drive our habits through our own self-created Dharma?

     Swadharma means Self-Cr

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The First Site Connection

By Basavaraj Patil in Life Journey | Reads: 2,274 | Likes: 15

      I Still Remember, Me and my friends were preparing for the Competitive exams. We used to study together, our night outs were in one of our friend's house to study for every exam. On that day, we saw one advertisement of Openings in one of the reputed banks. We thought we should   Read More...

Published on Jun 15,2022 01:26 PM

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