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Understanding Life
Understanding Life


Being a Human

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This book is full of poems.

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These poems are full of mysteries of life.

Reading these poems will surely make your day.

I am sure you will read these poems many times.

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The Question

By Riyanshi Sehrawat in Science Fiction | Reads: 1,461 | Likes: 17

​Things were going really well. Only few seconds were left for Rohan to start having the most expensive ice cream that he had never tried or had before. This ice cream was his last ice cream  and also the last food he had eaten. Something was waiting to get revealed to Rohan who has been reli  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 03:27 PM

Last One Hope

By Riyanshi Sehrawat in Fantasy | Reads: 2,218 | Likes: 27

​​​" Am I going to die Mummy ?" "What rubbish you're talking , everything is fine".  "But what if it wasn't!" "Stop thinking about such foolish things, you are only going to live for a little longer", she kisses her forehead. A few more minutes passed by and Aradhya was already asleep . A  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 02:48 PM

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