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Tanushree Nag


An Ex-corporate professional, with post graduate degrees in Management and Public Relations, currently reaping the bounty-full perks of motherhood. A firm believer of life-long learning process, maintaining a prudent equilibrium between optimism and realism. A passionate writer who loves to weave stories around the regular temporal experiences, giving them a facelift of words and emotions.Read More...

Ether, Earth & Everything Betwixt

Books by Tanushree Nag


As children, we grow up perceiving everything around us as good or evil, true or false, black and white. As we amble through the pathway called life, we realize that life and its experiences are beyond these set notions. There’s a whole spectrum of hues between and beyond black and white. This book is an anthology of poems and a couple of proses, mostly in a micro-fiction format, that represents different hues of life, its s

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