S.Shea Santhoshi

Student and author
Student and author

S.Shea Santhoshi is a 16-year-old author, who is inspired by Indian MythologyRead More...


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Books by S Shea Santhoshi

Gisselle Shine aka Gissy is a 17-year-old student going on with her mundane school life. With just one more year of school ahead of her, Gissy looked forward to her last summer hols of school. She has to spend her whole summer hols with her cousin William Shine, a 10-year-old boy. During the very first day of her hols, things don’t go as planned for Gissy, and on top of that, she has an encounter with a stranger who claims to be a Galaxian, a member of a

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Five Days With Sakhi

Books by S. Shea Santhoshi

Sakhi , the adopted cousin of Rishta has come to visit her after a decade. Rishta is eagerly looking forward to this 5 days visit but little does she know about the suprises in store for her and how it would change her life forever.

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By S.Shea Santhoshi in Mystery | Reads: 3,137 | Likes: 15

Certain things cannot be explained, this is because they actually do not have a solid explanation. It just happens because it happens, that’s it. Liveda walked across the living room’s length twice. Her beautifully long, dark, and frizzy hair, elegantly swayed as she moved. She was preoc  Read More...

Published on Oct 1,2022 12:11 PM

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