By Vinay Kumar Tripathi in Mystery | Reads: 2,098 | Likes: 2
Bachpan se life me bhut se utaar chadhaw aaye Aur unhi utaar chadhaw me Zindagi ke kuch aise pal aaye jo meri puri zindagi ko badal kar rakh diye ya yu kahu ki meri puri duniya hi badal gai. Mai apni lafe ko leke bhut happy tha satisfied tha un dino mai apne liye kuch naya talash kar rha tha.tabhi m  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 04:41 PM
A Secret Gift
By Arunav Kumar in Mystery | Reads: 5,030 | Likes: 76
So the story begins on a beautiful Sunday morning on the roads of Banaras, I and my friend were going to a toy shop to buy some toy guns because we were planning to prank our friend with them. After some time we reached the store, I had 500 rupees in my pocket. We asked for some toy guns, he showed   Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 06:34 PM
My life in your way
By AVINASH KUMAR in Mystery | Reads: 1,947 | Likes: 5
Where should I start the story, how do I begin, I do not understand anything, it is just a story. A small village and a child who grew up in the village, comes to the city of hope, holding on to the expectations. Getting out of the house for the first time and starting everything over and then getti  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 10:36 PM
The memory
By A.k in Mystery | Reads: 1,218 | Likes: 0
If you think that making a memories are easy so you might be right because, it's not ever same for every one to make ther own perfect memories, some make a very good memories some are not able to make it every one has ther own way of making memories some make with there friends some with tere both f  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 10:13 PM
By S.Shea Santhoshi in Mystery | Reads: 3,148 | Likes: 15
Certain things cannot be explained, this is because they actually do not have a solid explanation. It just happens because it happens, that’s it. Liveda walked across the living room’s length twice. Her beautifully long, dark, and frizzy hair, elegantly swayed as she moved. She was preoc  Read More...
Published on Oct 1,2022 12:11 PM
The Mysterious Box
By vibhutiaghor in Mystery | Reads: 2,595 | Likes: 6
It was a long time I had not received any news about my Granny. I was in my thoughts when the doorbell suddenly rang. Someone had come from the village with news about my Granny. I was shocked when I heard about her serious illness. I packed my bag immediately so that I could start my journey for th  Read More...
Published on Oct 1,2022 12:02 PM
A House on Fire
By akshitagupta24aug2009 in Mystery | Reads: 1,393 | Likes: 3
A House on fireThe day started off well enough, but whoever thought It would end otherwise.It was about 4 o’clock. I was watching my favorite cartoon show on TV. But then, when I heard fire engines with loud alarm bells rushing past my house. I quickly ran out and a few streets away, joined a   Read More...
Published on Oct 2,2022 02:05 PM
By DEV SHARMA in Mystery | Reads: 2,503 | Likes: 33
An 18 year old boy went out to find the answer of who I am, apart from the body or some body or something else. Absolutely ignorant of the world, neither does he remember anything behind nor worry about the future, just wandering around happily in himself, makes a path himself or chooses himself. On  Read More...
Published on Oct 1,2022 08:22 PM
गाँव या शहर
By Bratesh Kumar Singh in Mystery | Reads: 1,352 | Likes: 0
भारत एक कृषिप्रधान देश है। अकसर बहुत से लोग कहते है की जो सुख शहर में है वो सुख गाँव में कहाँ। शरह में मस्त ए.सी. , पंखा  Read More...
Published on Oct 1,2022 10:06 PM
How are you?
By Valac in Mystery | Reads: 2,016 | Likes: 10
I am fine. How are you? why do you want to interview me? Oh, I get it I am different from you guys. So you want to know my life. Ok. I was born into a small family. My parents were orphans so I don't have any other relatives. We used to live in many places because of my father's job. Until one day t  Read More...
Published on Oct 3,2022 01:51 PM
First 3 poetry
By alisoheb637 in Mystery | Reads: 1,187 | Likes: 7
Ladkon ki zindagi Ladkon ki aankhen nhi roti janaabRota h inka dil...Zamane ne ek moam ko chattan bana diya..Inke sabhi jazbaaton ko khak me mila diya..Inki zindagi ko ek zindaan bana diya..Inke dard sunne ko koi nhi...Pr aukat batane ki hazaron h..Inke sapnon ko mazak bana diyaInke khushi ko dhong   Read More...
Published on Oct 4,2022 04:05 PM
The Dazed Rambles
By ayushchavaan6 in Mystery | Reads: 941 | Likes: 0
Sand is a queer thing to get a hold of. It trickles away, the harder you clench on to it. Pretty similar to our minds. But I feel a stronger connection to the sand, it’s trying to communicate something deeper, something metaphorical, its purposes and ways are hidden beneath the many layers of   Read More...
Published on Oct 4,2022 04:28 PM
The room that was never talked about
By vishnu1376 in Mystery | Reads: 2,448 | Likes: 9
Emily was living with her uncle and aunt in their ancestral house , quite big for a family of three though.  Her parents died in a road accident and was left in the care of her relatives whom she didn't seem to like much but had no other choice.One day when it was almost dusk she heard some qui  Read More...
Published on Oct 5,2022 10:12 AM
Chess but with humans as pieces
By Anish Shivgunde in Mystery | Reads: 1,851 | Likes: 7
CHESS BUT WITH HUMANS AS PIECES There once was a chess grandmaster named Aakash. No one in the world could beat him. He was married with a beautifull woman called Maria. They loved each other very much. After some years, he became popular across the world. A group of programmers created a program wh  Read More...
Published on Oct 6,2022 05:48 PM
By sancheteenavya in Mystery | Reads: 1,465 | Likes: 6
  First Few Lies Leaning my ear close to the wall, I tried desperately to hear what my parents were saying. The rattling of the fireplace and the creaking of the bed made it impossible to hear a single word. Exasperated, I sighed and laid back on my bed. Something was bothering me. A shoal of t  Read More...
Published on Oct 5,2022 04:21 PM