Arunav Kumar

Quizzer,Writer and a Bug Bounty Hunter
Quizzer,Writer and a Bug Bounty Hunter

Arunav Kumar is a student who likes to keep people engaged with his fast paced and thrilling stories. Short stories have always been Arunav's thing. He insterests himself by listening to new bollywood songs and making new projects. Arunav is also the quizzing-champ of his school. His head full of new ideas will blow you away!Read More...


A Secret Gift

Books by Arunav Kumar And Aditya Rai

This book is a story of a boy who was initially unaware of his situation but soon realised the cruelty of the world , he who was just an innocent lad , was turned into a fighter by his own people and his life. There were many limitations in his way that pushed him back but he was unstoppable.He fought for his dignity and showed the world the real truth.

What happened to the author?Read this mystery thriller to find out!

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A Secret Gift

By Arunav Kumar in Mystery | Reads: 5,042 | Likes: 76

So the story begins on a beautiful Sunday morning on the roads of Banaras, I and my friend were going to a toy shop to buy some toy guns because we were planning to prank our friend with them. After some time we reached the store, I had 500 rupees in my pocket. We asked for some toy guns, he showed   Read More...

Published on Sep 30,2022 06:34 PM

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