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The Author, Sudish.S.R, is fond of writing romantic poetries, and he is interested in writing motivational thoughts. Some of his books which he has published are “Esha: A Love Story,” “This is for you only my love,” “I just want to live in you,” “The shsr’s book of self-realization,” “Second Love,” which are available in notionpress.com, amazon shopping app, and flipkart. Right now he is pursuing his degree in Government Science College Of Autonomous, also known as Nrupatunga University, Bangalore, India. He lives in bangalore with his family.Read More...



Books by Sudish S R

If you love reading poems, this is just for you.The book, "Esha: A Love Story," is a thrilling love story of Jack, written artistically in the form of poetries by the Author, Sudish.S.R. It's a story of 20-year-old “Jack” who falls in love with 19-year-old “Esha.” The whole story revolves around these two characters, Esha and Jack. It shows how 'Jack' has settled in Esha's love.


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Books by Sudish S R

As the present world is facing a lot of distractions, lacking confidence, not believing in one's hardwork, spreading hate everywhere, not believing each other, how to accept this relationships, how to believe in faith and many more aspects like these... to overcome these all you can go through this book... This book consists of 132 written Thoughts by the Author, Sudish.S.R

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Second Love. Everything was dark until you came into my life.

By Sudish.S.R in Romance | Reads: 23,285 | Likes: 49

SECOND LOVE. EVERYTHING WAS DARK UNTIL YOU CAME INTO MY LIFE. THE UNREALIZED REFLECTIONS OF LOVE. Part1      This is my beautiful story. It was the time when I was studying in 2nd grade. I was 7 years old. At that age what I experienced, what I am going to share with you all was tot  Read More...

Published on Oct 12,2022 03:01 PM

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