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Tastes of Homemade Jams

Books by Vishwajeet Upadhye

Step right up, folks! and feast your eyes on the fun collection of short stories you'll lay your hands on!

These tales will have you rollin' in the aisles with laughter, just like ol' days, good days themselves and leave with good lessons of life.

From the witty wit of city slicker to the silly shenanigans of the country bumpkin, these stories will leave you howlin' for more. 

So come on one, come all, and join in on the fun. These

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Books by पुष्पा उपाध्ये

आयुष्यात आपण अनेक पैलूचा शोध घेतो.काव्यमय जगात जीवनातील एक असीम आनंद दरवळणारा एक गंध आहे. ज्यांच्यामुळे मला हे आत्मिक सुख व समाधान मिळाले त्यांची मी अत्यंत ऋणी आहे. हे सर्व श्र

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Crystal Boat

Books by Vishwajeet Upadhye

The library ends at the doorstep. Poetry is also part of that. Crystal Boat takes you on a journey far beyond words. It is much more than the library and a lot more obscure than fiction. However, it is wisely said that reality is stranger than fiction. Poems in this book reflect that idea. 

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Mountains Bleed Red Velvet: A Fiction

Books by Vishwajeet Upadhye

In the second century BC in the Indian Empire, the revolts and revolutions for the republic stood up because of the influence of the Roman Empire.

As life was held normal because of the peaceful regime of the king in India, in the region of Gandhar, there seemed dictatorial treatment and worsening life of the citizens. It was devastating though not affecting any of the empires.

But in all these events stood a man from India. He trained himself

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Without A Die Volume II

Books by Vishwajeet Upadhye


In this book, there is a collection of my next eight blogs. "Without A Die" focuses on various topics that affect our minds generally. But, in this collection, there are various other topics that are completely unrelated.

It is not a story book but it is what you may call a magazine sort of book. Not to be read to remember, but to be read for entertainment and think for a while. So with that aspect, I hope you find this b

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Without A Die - Volume I

Books by Vishwajeet Upadhye


Isn't it great to be a part of a 13.8 billion-year-old universe?

“Without A Die” will always be a search for meaning for me personally. There is a lot to explore. And being able to keep searching and learning and trying to make it more interesting for others is what I hope to do with this book. Blogs will continue for sure, but every ten or fifteen blogs, there will be volumes piling up here. 

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Intimately, with love

Books by Vishwajeet Upadhye

Contains poems of various kinds, mostly of love, philosophy, humor, etc.

And the greatest thing is that there are 69 poems that are written wholeheartedly in two months.

(Affecting daily chores a bit)

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The Blue Moon Ride! And The Greatest Thing Since Fate Loved Irony!

Books by Vishwajeet Upadhye

Ever wondered what happened before Everything including the Kitchen Sink? 

Sprite Surreal has an idea for a game, a simulation where the objective of the game is world peace. You see the world around you in your game. Everything that is happening around the world happens on your computer, your job is to work your way through the things that happen in the world, and fix things to attain world peace.
But the job of publishing a game is no

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The Blue Moon Ride! or Everything Including The Kitchen Sink

Books by Vishwajeet Upadhye

This is the story of the year 2108. Future has unexpectedly turned so good that humans and Artificial intelligence are both shocked that humans have not destroyed themselves in one way or the other. 

In peace, harmony, and contentedness something happened. Something unusual for that time...

An eccentric mathematician GxJ along with his crew has set out on the interstellar trip to the end of the universe. But in the way, the crew has broken

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The Conclusion

By Vishwajeet Upadhye in Science Fiction | Reads: 4,039 | Likes: 5

Rohan was on his way home that rainy night. It was an accident that he became an assistant to one of the greatest scientists of his generation- Aayod Kriyamani. Their work ended up late at night and he had to take out an umbrella and walk home. Traffic on the road was too much, given that it was Sun  Read More...

Published on Jul 1,2022 06:38 PM

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