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This book is about a story of a boy who had a rough childhood and after that he fell in love. He was neverr loved he didn't know how to love nobody taught him, so when he fell in love, he didn't know what to do. He was just a kid but that love too left him and that broke him, still he goes on the search to find her when she goes missing. See his struggles and how he overcomes his past and the demons inside him.

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By Anas kamal in Mythology | Reads: 1,922 | Likes: 1

THAT’S HOW IT HAPPENED 395 BC He was standing at the river bank, looking towards the water flowing in the direction of the moon. He thought how strange it is that the water on earth gets effected by a piece of rock thousands of kilometer away in space, maybe there was connection between these   Read More...

Published on Jun 18,2022 10:09 PM


By Anas kamal in Horror | Reads: 2,543 | Likes: 1

  THE OFFERING   “How are you, mate?” “You coming to the party?” said James, the blue eyed British. “I don’t know man!” “What about you?” replied Carter, the jolly American. “Let me connect, Sally” “Do it!” &ldqu  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 11:02 PM

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