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Kashish Mandhane


Kashish Mandhane makes a mark with her first creative work at a young age of 16, just out of her IGCSE. She comes with strong academic credentials, topping her school in Cambridge Board Examinations. She loves indulging in the enthralling world of books and getting lost within the rhythm of music. What makes Kashish unique is her penchant for bringing fictional characters to life and touching the hearts of other bibliophiles out there, like so many authors have touched hers. Her amazing composing flair weaves the jigsaw puzzle in the storyline flawlessly, making it a compelling read for all aRead More...

Falling through Oblivion

Books by Kashish Mandhane

After disclosing to her best friend, Logan, that she can see bizarre things, Melanie receives a message from what can only be a sinister presence.

With his father vanishing and all the signs telling him to undertake a precarious odyssey, Logan is forced to walk into the unknown along with Melanie and discover a world of bewitched fortresses, invincible monsters, cynical sorceresses and implausible dangers.

Only time shall tell if this pair of obl

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